Hospital Wants To Give Depressed People Horse Tranquilizer ‘Ketamine’

Ever heard of the party drug “Special K,” and I’m not talking about the skinny people cereal…

Because many people have taken to using the horse tranquilizer ketamine recreationally, treatment for ketamine addiction is now being commonly offered at rehab centers everywhere.

Special K, is a slang term derived from the word “Ketamine,” which is a drug that is used to tranquilize horses, and maybe even YOU.
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Inside The ‘Fantasy 500 Race Party’ in Indy 2012 (+ Photos)

The 5th annual Fantasy 500 Race Party was held Saturday night in Indy, put on by Image First Marketing and Events co-owned by Bryan Schmidt of Indianapolis. It was presented by Tag Heuer and Digigraph in the Emmis Building on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.

The FANtasy 500 Race Party has established itself as the premier event to do during the Indy 500 Weekend. Since its inception in 2008, it has quickly became a huge hit with more than 1,000 guests each year entering through the doors at the sold-out event. Continue reading

Huge “Angry Birds” Slingshot Tied To Seattle Space Needle

Say goodbye to your friends being coherent, as Rovio, the creators of phone game “Angry Birds”, just launched the release of “Angry Birds Space” today in Seattle, Washington.

The geniuses at Rovio, decided to literally ‘launch’ this new Angry Birds game, by tying a slingshot to the Space Needle, to launch Bird dolls from.

But who cares all that much about the physical reality of Angry Bird dolls flying from a slingshot, when you could be downloading the new game and playing it right now!?
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Doctor Approved? Pregnant Snooki Plays with Dolphins

Back in the olden days, Doctors told pregnant women to ‘stay put’ and to ‘not do much of anything’, because it could tamper with their pregnancy.

These days, women don’t play by those rules, as you’ve probably seen women keeping their jobs on out on the field, while carrying a heavy baby in their bellies.

Jersey Shore’s Snooki has taken her new age pregnancy to a new level- she’s on Spring Break in Cancun, hanging out at parties in her bikini, and she was even seen playing with Dolphins along with castmate JWoww.
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Overexposed: Twilight’s Robert Pattinson

R Pattinson

R Pattinson

Can people ever get enough of Twilight star Robert Pattinson? Everyone from fans to paparazzi are chasing Robert down for autographs and pictures. He is worth a lot right now. He is a huge moneymaker and a huge heartthrob at the moment.

A lot of stars get overexposed like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and even ‘Miss Google’ Lindsay Lohan. Do people get tired of looking at their pictures? Hearing about their life? Sick of seeing them on TMZ leaving a restaurant in Hollywood?

When is enough-enough? Apparently NEVER. With the ever-growing celebrity culture and internet boom of celeb related sites, these celebs never ‘die’. Their images are encapsulated in a server, and forever stuck in a link. Imprisoned inside the internet! That is, until the person who uploaded the photo or story decides to delete it. But even then, it was probably copied and saved by another person! So it never dies!

We love the business, so it’s never too much for us. There is never enough of overexposure! Inject us!
But we are thinking that Robert Pattinson should maybe hideout for a while. We have a feeling that he is overexposed right now and he must give the cameras and media a break. He belongs on the big screen only. He is not the kind of actor we want to see out partying. We like seeing him in character and on screen. His 23rd Birthday party pictures were fine to see and so were the pictures with his Twilight cast mates at some bar in Vancouver. But that is enough party time! We recommend he stay out of the party and stay in school. Sorry ‘hopeful to meet Rob’ fans out there, but this is for business purposes.

No more parties Rob! Don’t turn into a Hollywood social scene party animal. Don’t get into the ‘juice’! We love you. You are hot right now. Be careful. You are brilliant. Oh, and decline when Kristen passes you the pipe!

Kristen Stewart Hits the Pipe

Kristen Stewart Hits the Pipe

Will Dakota Fanning Start Smoking With the Twilight New Moon Cast?

With all the hot kids on Twilight’s ‘New Moon’ smokin’ away, is the new kid on the block gonna need to find a way to fit in? Robert Pattinson is doing it! Kristen Stewart is doing it! That means it’s okay right!?
Dakota Fanning, at the innocent age of 15 years old, may start growing up A LOT right before our eyes! Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears all started their debauchery around 15 years old. Will Dakota stay out of trouble? Or will she get caught up in the party?

Slash is a Sucka!

Slash and his wife, are suing the realitors that sold him his Hollywood Hills home.



“Sotheby’s International Reality,” misrepresented the details of the house that was sold to Slash and his wife in 2006.

Associated Press says, “They [Slash and his wife] wanted enough size and parking for parties, but say the home was smaller than advertised and on a public street with parking restrictions. The 2007 suit seeks more than $1 million and punitive damage.”

We love them but…
Maybe Slash and his wife should have taken a closer look at the house details before buying, rather than trusting the realitor so much.