Chevy Chase Enters MN REHAB Facility The Lodge

Chevy Chase has reportedly checked into rehab for treatment of what his reps claim is an alcohol abuse problem.

Chase, 72, entered the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center, aka, The Lodge, located in Minnesota. Publicist Heidi Schaeffer said Monday that Chase is visiting the facility for a “tuneup.”

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Chase has had struggles with substances during his career. He checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in the 1980s for treatment for an addiction to prescription painkillers. Continue reading

Who Is Blake Krikorian? And How Did The Tech Guru DIE At 48?

Blake Krikorian, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, has passed away. He was only 48.

According to Heavy, Krikorian is best known for founding Sling Media with his brother, Jason. He also worked with Microsoft and Amazon, and was involved with several startups.

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Here are some quick facts:

1. Krikorian suffered a heart attack while surfing near San Francisco. Continue reading

New Pennsylvania NETFLIX TAX Goes Into Effect TODAY

If you live in Pittsburg and subscribe to Netflix, be expecting to pay more to watch starting today thanks to a series of new taxes. The tax will also affect online music, ebooks, apps, online games, and ringtones.

The new taxes, which target digital downloads and subscription services, are part of a revenue package passed by the Legislature and signed by Gov. Tom Wolf to fill a $1.3 billion hole in the state’s new $31.5 billion budget.

pa netflix tax

The state’s existing 6-percent sales tax will now be extended to digital downloads and subscription services like Netflix and Hulu.  Continue reading

Dumb Dudes Lose ‘Judge Judy’ Case in 26 Seconds Flat

Via clickondetroit: It’s only fitting in the age of Snapchat, Vine and the severely shortened attention span that one of the shortest cases ever on “Judge Judy” be revived after five years.

A 27-second clip from show is going viral Wednesday. In it, a woman tells the judge that $50 and an earpiece was lost in an alleged purse-snatching, after which the defendant chimes in “There was no earpiece in there.”

Judge Judy

The judge laughs and says “I love it,” before calling the defendants “dumb and dumber” and awarding the woman $500 in damages. Continue reading

This Facebook Privacy Hoax Is Going Around Don’t Fall For It!

A Facebook hoax is again making the rounds again, telling users that a particular status update will lock down their accounts and protect the photos and videos they share.

The phony status reads:

facebook is hoax

“As of (Date/Time). I do NOT give Facebook, or any entities associated with Facebook, permission to use my pictures,information, or posts, both past and future. Continue reading

Will Smith REBOOTS Fresh Prince Of Bel Air! But Will He Star?

Will Smith is going back to his roots, producing a redux of his hit and career making 90s sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and the question most fans are asking, will he also star in the reboot?

Smith’s production company, Overbook Entertainment, say they are looking to put a modern spin on the original premise, “poor kid moves in with rich relatives, hilarity ensues.” Sadly this time around, that kid won’t be smith.

avery smith will smith

While Smith will serve as executive producer of the series, he will not star. That’s a shame because he would have made a great Uncle Phil. Continue reading

Crystal Cathedral Robert Schuller Dead At 88

The founder of megachurch Crystal Cathedral, Rev. Robert H. Schuller, has died in a California care facility. He was 88.

Carol Schuller Milner, the televangelist’s Daughter, confirmed he died early Thursday in Artesia.

Rev. Robert H. Schuller

Schuller started preaching in 1955 at a rented drive-in theater. In 1970, he began a TV ministry called the “Hour of Power.” Continue reading

THOUSANDS Of Xbox Playstation User Passwords Credit Card Numbers LEAKED

Users Of Xbox Live, Sony Playstation Network and many other online networks like Twitch, AmazonHulu Plus and others had their stolen personal information released in a huge leak.

Coming in the form of a text file and posted on the internet, at least 13,000 user passwords and or credit card numbers were leaked, along with other personal information and credentials. The hackers, claiming to be an offshoot of Anonymous, shared the document on Ghostbin.

Feds Charge Indiana Teen In $100M International Hacking Ring

The leak comes on the heel of a massive Ddos attack on the Xbox and Playstation networks.
Continue reading