Chevy Chase has reportedly checked into rehab for treatment of what his reps claim is an alcohol abuse problem.

Chase, 72, entered the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center, aka, The Lodge, located in Minnesota. Publicist Heidi Schaeffer said Monday that Chase is visiting the facility for a “tuneup.”


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Chase has had struggles with substances during his career. He checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in the 1980s for treatment for an addiction to prescription painkillers. The 72-year-old former star of “Saturday Night Live” and the “Vacation” movies was recently a regular on TV’s “Community” from 2009 to 2014. h/t townhall

is chevy chase sick sweating snl-40 2

The Lodge, an extension of the traditional twelve-step treatment, has hosted countless celebrities, including the late Robin Williams.

Chase has a pair of films slated for future release, “The Christmas Apprentice,” and “Dog Years.”