“I Am In Bits” Wife Says UFO Bassist Pete Way Suffers Heart Attack

Former UFO bassist and friend of TheCount.com, Pete Way, has suffered a heart attack, this according to a post by his wife, Jenny, on social media.

Way is currently in the hospital being treated by cardiologists. Blood clots were also discovered in his lungs. Way is fighting, but his exact condition has not yet been updated.

pete way ufo heath

Jenny Way said in a statement: “My husband Pete Way has collapsed after a short business trip to Germany and is currently in hospital. Continue reading

Fans Worried About Health After Bearded David Letterman Photos Emerge

Since retiring from CBS‘ Late Show, David Letterman has kept completely to himself while staying out of the public eye. His absence, and the emergence of some new photos, has caused concern among fans who are now speculating about the host’s health.

A lot has changed since Letterman left his post, and most of that change can be seen growing on his face. Some write off the Santa Claus inspired look to the joys of retirement, while others say he may be dealing with a health crisis. We’re going with the retirement theory.

is david letterman sick

Letterman was spotted in New York arriving back at his apartment with his son 11-year-old Harry and a friend on Saturday. Continue reading

MIT Engineer: If You’re Taking A Shower You’re Doing It All Wrong

MIT Chemical engineer graduate, Dave Whitlock says you can forget taking showers to stay clean and to prove it, he’s skipped them for 12 years.

Whitlock says, If you really want to stay clean, instead of jumping in the drink, spray live bacteria on your skin.

Dave Whitlock

In fact, what Whitlock does believe is healthy is restoring good bacteria to our skin that our ancestors enjoyed long ago — bacteria that’s been slowly stripped away by excessive cleaning. Continue reading

Dallas Hospital: Computer Flaw Failed To Notify Doctors Of Ebola Patient Africa Visit

A “computer flaw” in the Dallas hospital electronic record system failed to notify doctors ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan had been to Africa.

When Duncan arrived at the Texas Health Presbyterian hospital he told nurses he had been to Africa, and that was noted in his electronic file, however, that imperative information was not passed along to physicians, who then proceeded to poke and prod Duncan minus the required protective precautions.


The hospital claims that both nurses and physicians did their jobs correctly, but the portion of Duncan’s records that mentioned Africa wouldn’t automatically show up in the doctors’ portion of the records. Continue reading

Pawn Stars Corey Harrison Loses HALF His Body Weight

Pawn StarsCorey Harrison has lost a staggering 192 lbs, now weighing-in at a slight 202 lbs.

Harrison clocked in at a massive 402 lbs, but after his doctor warned him of pending diabetes back in 2010, the reality star had his work cutout for him.

Corey Harrison weight loss befor and after

“I literally drove straight from the doctor to the lap band center and had the surgery almost immediately,” Harrison tells PEOPLE of his 2010 weight loss procedure. Continue reading

HOLY COW! Teen Loses A Ton Of Weight To Compete For Miss Texas!

Miss South Texas, Keli Kryfko, will be competing to win the title of the coveted Miss Texas. But, (and that’s a big but,) with or without the title, she has already gained wide attention.

Kryfko, 23, is making big news with her weight loss transformation. According to her, the best is yet to come.

Keli Kryfko skinny now

Kryfko admitted that she was teased relentlessly as a child for being an overweight, she had finally had to put her foot down. Failing P.E. being the last straw.

Continue reading