WATCH: Youtuber Catches Women Stealing His Beach Gear

A YouTube user by the handle of “Flicky Rich” says on the 4th of July, he caught two women taking his canopy and other items on the beach in New Snyrna Beach, Fla.

First he offered his help and one asked him if he knew how to dismantle it. Then he quickly broke the bad news that the stuff was his.

Flicky Rich” says on the 4th of July 2

At first, they pretended they were confused, claimed the stuff was theirs, but then it got ugly. Watch the full confrontation.

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Lana Del Rey BOMBS At Glastonbury 2014

Festivalgoers attending Glastonbury 2014 music festival had high hopes for Lana Del Rey, but those hopes were quickly diminished as the Ultraviolence singer opened her mouth..

Sometimes Del Rey opened her mouth to puff on a cigarette, and other times to sing, both having the same effect, stinky.


It was down to Lana Del Rey to fill the late afternoon slot on the Pyramid Stage. Continue reading

Teen Gets Tattoo Of Her Own SELFIE

Immortalize your latest epic selfie by having it tattooed on your arm! Or not.

woman tattoos selfie

We honestly don’t even know where to start with this one. First of all, why did you pick a blurry bathroom picture. Girl, if you’re gonna get a tattoo of your selfie (which we still do not recommend), at least use a better photo. If there is any silver lining, it’s the fact that she knew well enough to have the toothbrush and shower curtain cropped out on the body art.

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