Kylie Jenner MOCKED On Social Media: That’s NOT Your Thin Waist! That’s Photoshop

Kylie Jenner shared a new snap of her extra skinny waistline, but her fans on social media are crying “photoshop!”

In the sexy shot, Jenner dons a long-sleeved tee and some Puma unders, and she looks great, with a little help from photoshop that is..

And her followers were quick to point it out.

“Poorly photoshopped babe,” one person pointed out. “We’ve all been there — but girl — you’re always taking pictures — you should be the queen at it now.” “Pretty bad photoshop with that curve in the wall,” someone wrote, and another said “The wall is bending but okay.” One particularly savage Instagram user wrote “Hahahaha when you’re 19, rich, and had so much plastic surgery yet you still need to edit your pics.” Several people pointed out the issue with this photo, but others jumped to Kylie’s defense, saying that the white thing to her left isn’t a wall or a door frame, but a curtain. h/t thehollywoodgossip

EWW! What’s That GROWING Out Of Kylie Jenner’s KNEE?

Kylie Jenner fans gasped after viewing a photo of the usually perfect teen with something awful growing out of her right knee. The gross photo was shared on Instagram by Jenner’s BF, rapper, Tyga.

The steamy bikini picture appeared to show a previously unidentified beauty mark, possibly a wart, proudly making its debut on one of Kylie’s prized limb. Tyga shared the snap depicting him and Jenner on vacation in Mexico last week.

‘It looks like there’s a huge mole or some kind of bump on her knee!!’ exclaimed one bewildered fan. Another asked: ‘Is that a wart on the top of her right knee,’ and a further fan probed, ‘Is that a mole on her knee?’ Continue reading

Kylie Jenner SO Trying To Be Just Like Kim

They say a picture tells a thousand words, but for the Kardashian-Jenner klan, specifically, Kylie Jenner, a picture tells a thousand different outfits, and all of them meant to copy Kim.

Kylie posted this mesh number to her Instagram and we couldn’t help but notice, it looks a lot like Kim’s mesh number..

kylie jenner copying kim 5

And it that was not enough, here’s a few other example of the copy-catting going on the in the KUWTK kamp. Continue reading

Kylie Jenner GOES THERE Pierces Lady Parts

Kylie Jenner is really going all-out to prove she’s growing up, this time by insinuating she got some piercings in two “secret areas.”

During a recent Snapchat session, Jenner, 17, posted a picture of herself wearing a sweater with red circles around her lady bumps with the caption, “New jewelry in other secret areas.”

kylie jenner new piercings

This is just the latest in the particularly racy Snapchat deeds Kylie has shared lately. Continue reading

REPORT: Kylie Jenner PREGNANT With Baby TYGA

Is Kylie Jenner pregnant with rapper, Tyga‘s baby? If you ask InTouch, the answer is yes.

17-year-old Jenner is said to be expecting a baby with Tyga, 25.

is Kylie jenner Pregnant

An insider reported to In Touch that the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sibling is pregnant with her first baby, after her mom Kris Jenner tried to stop the romance with the baby daddy last month. Continue reading

Is Kylie Jenner Being COMPENSATED To ‘DATE’ Tyga?

Kylie Jenner told HollywoodLife that she won’t ever date someone like Justin Bieber or Austin Mahone because they’re ‘lame’ and don’t compare to the much older Tyga, – but in the real world, Jenner is doing something much lamer.. Our insiders tell us that the sad truth is, the reality star has actually been “hired” by handlers to date Tyga in an effort to thrust the rapper into the thus-far elusive the spotlight..

Lindsay Lohan was exposed (by THECOUNT) in the same Hollywood “date for hire,” scam when she showed up with a dude named Max, from an all-but-forgotten boyband, The Wanted.


“Kylie’s clearly in awe of Tyga and loves being treated like his princess, even though they’re just friends. But she has told her sisters many times, ‘I can’t wait to be 18. Continue reading

Kylie Jenner Spotted Visiting Kim Kardashian’s BABY DOCTOR

Back when Kylie Jenner was only 16, news outlets reported she may be with bun in oven, but that claim proved to be false, or for whatever reason, the pregnancy did not go to full term..

Now another claim has surfaced that Kylie is again with child after she was spotted visiting her sister Kim’s Obstetrician, aka, baby doctor.

is Kylie jenner Pregnant

Kylie Jenner May Be PREGNANT – with Tyga’s baby. Continue reading