Kylie Jenner shared a new snap of her extra skinny waistline, but her fans on social media are crying “photoshop!”

In the sexy shot, Jenner dons a long-sleeved tee and some Puma unders, and she looks great, with a little help from photoshop that is..


And her followers were quick to point it out.

“Poorly photoshopped babe,” one person pointed out. “We’ve all been there — but girl — you’re always taking pictures — you should be the queen at it now.” “Pretty bad photoshop with that curve in the wall,” someone wrote, and another said “The wall is bending but okay.” One particularly savage Instagram user wrote “Hahahaha when you’re 19, rich, and had so much plastic surgery yet you still need to edit your pics.” Several people pointed out the issue with this photo, but others jumped to Kylie’s defense, saying that the white thing to her left isn’t a wall or a door frame, but a curtain. h/t thehollywoodgossip