Carlos Santana Is Trending On Twitter, Twitter Assumes The Worst..

THE INTERNETS. (THECOUNT) — Carlos Santana is trending on Twitter, and yes he’s alive and well.

Yikes! said The Fabulous T on Twitter:

“I don’t wanna click to see what this is about. It’s about a baseball player, and the great one is OK,” she concluded thankfully.

An here’s the tweet that started it all…

Model Christine Teigen Weighs In On IHOP Name Change “IHOb Sure Loves Going All In On One Food Item”

Model Christine Teigen has offered up some food for thought weighing in on Twitter to a brewing controversy involving the name change of one very popular chain of hash houses.

The restaurant, formally known as IHOP, announced that they are changing affective immediately all of the names of their vast chain of popular eateries to IHOB, aka, International House of Burgers. Check please.

Teigen took to Twitter to point out the obvious fact that the name change poses a huge risk for the franchise’s bottom line, which used to be a stack of pancakes:

IHOb sure loves going all in on one food item, the model said on twitter.

IHOB responded to Teigen’s tweet by agreeing that they do in fact go “all in,” while advising the wife and mother to – come on down and find a new legend..

“All in is all we know. Come try one if you want a new legend in your life,” IHOB replied to Teigen on Twitter. Continue reading

PICTURED: MA Mother Of 6 Kids Found STRANGLED Revealing FINAL Facebook Post

Leah Penny has been named as the Malden, MA., woman found unresponsive just before 10:00 a.m. Wednesday morning. Her boyfriend, Ryan Power, has been taken into custody.

Police discovered Penny, who was 31, deceased inside a Lebanon Street home by Malden police around 9:49 a.m. Wednesday.

Mother to 6 children, Penny commented the following on her Facebook page, “I’m devoted to my children and my amazing boyfriend.” The boyfriend would later be arrested over her murder. Penny’s final Facebook post came on June 12th, 2017: Continue reading

7 People MOWED DOWN By FIAT 500 While Attending LA Auto Show

At least seven people are being treated by LAFD Monday afternoon after being hit by a vehicle at the L.A. Auto Show taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

A vehicle that appeared to be a Fiat 500 crashed outside the L.A. Auto Show, leaving multiple people injured on Nov. 21, 2016.


The crash was reported about 1:15 p.m. at 1201 S. Figueroa St., according to the Los Angeles Fire Department. Seven patients were being evaluated after being struck by a car at or near the convention center, Brian Humphrey of LAFD said. The patients were on or near a sidewalk when they were hit by a vehicle at the Auto Show, he said. The connection between the vehicle and the auto show will be determined by police, Humphrey said. Continue reading

Gigi Hadid Branded RACIST After Mocking Melania Trump While Hosting AMA

Model, Gigi Hadid has been branded racist on social media after delivering a rude and frankly disrespectful impression of Melania Trump during her American Music Awards opening on Sunday.

Hadid, 21, used an Eastern European accent while mock the soon-to-be First Lady while hosting the AMAs.


‘I love my husband, President Barack Obama. And our children Sasha and Malia,’ Gigi said, in a joke referring to accusations that Donald Trump‘s wife had ripped off a speech by Michelle Obama at the RNC. Continue reading

R.I.P. Mark Zuckerberg? Facebook Glitch Inaccurately Lists Users As DEAD

A bug affecting Facebook is inaccurately displaying a message on user profile pages saying they have died. The glitch even displayed the somber message on CEO, Mark Zuckerberg‘s profile page.

Facebook users reported seeing the grim messages located prominently at the top of their Facebook profiles on Friday.


“We hope people who love Mark will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate his life,” the message read. The message included a link to Facebook’s request form for memorializing the account of someone who has passed. Continue reading

#BoycottGrubHub! Say Trump Supporters After CEO Issues BIZARRE Employee Ultimatum

Matt Maloney, CEO of popular food delivery service Grubhub may have cooked his own goose after sending out a company wide memo to his over 1,000 employees demanding that those who voted for Donald Trump immediately resign.

Since hitting send on his poison pen letter, Maloney has faced an avalanche of hate from folks on social media who are now calling for a boycott of the grubby service.


‘While demeaning, insulting and ridiculing minorities, immigrants and the physically/mentally disabled worked for Mr Trump, I want to be clear that this behavior – and these views, have no place at Grubhub,’ Mr Maloney wrote. ‘Had he worked here, many of his comments would have resulted in his immediate termination. Continue reading

Wikileaks Website DOWN Over MASSIVE DDos HACK ATTACK

Wikileaks is currently under siege in the form of a massive DDos attack. When users try to visit the website that brought us the Podesta email leak, all the get is a blank “502 bad gateway” error page.

Wikileaks confirmed the attack by posting the follow on Twitter, (who is apparently under a similar attack,) “Our email publication servers are under a targeted DoS attack since releasing


Editor’s note: Twitter appears to be suffering outages for parts of the U.S., according to posts from many users on other social media sites. Approximately 20 minutes ago, WikiLeaks also posted on Facebook that it was “under a massive targeted DDoS attack.” It’s unclear if these are at all related. h/t breakingnews Continue reading

OH! OH! AP Reporting Malania Trump Worked As Model In US Before Obtaining Work Visa

The Associated Press has uncovered the not-so shocking news that decades ago Melania Trump was paid for a number modeling jobs while in the US before she had “legal permission” to do so.

According to the AP’s handywork and after endless hours scouring accounting ledgers, contracts and related documents from 20 YEARS AGO – The AP has revealed, Mrs. Trump earned $20,056 during the seven weeks she worked as a model while she was waiting on her work visa. Big whoop.

Melania trump nypost

FROM THE AP STORY: “The details of Mrs. Trump’s early paid modeling work in the U.S. emerged in the final days of a bitter presidential campaign in which her husband, Donald Trump, has taken a hard line on immigration laws and those who violate them. Trump has proposed broader use of the government’s E-verify system allowing employers to check whether job applicants are authorized to work. Continue reading

Did Meatloaf Have A STROKE? Fans Worried After FRAIL Rocker SLURRED TV Appearance

Meatloaf fans are beyond concerned after the rocker appeared on a UK morning show slurring his words. The “I Would Do Anything For Love,” singer underwent surgery on his back 5 weeks ago after complaining of pain from a trapped nerve.

Meat Loaf, 69, whose real name is Marvin Lee Aday, appeared to have difficulty finding and saying his words during his interview on the This Morning show, sparking concern he may have had a secret stroke.


“Right now it’s really hard, I had spinal fusion surgery five weeks ago,” he told reporters after winning the Q Hero gong for his work on the musical. The rocker was on the ITV chat show to talk about the new Bat Out Of Hell musical set to open in London’s West End next summer, but viewers watched as he struggled to find words and seemed frail. Continue reading