Model Christine Teigen has offered up some food for thought weighing in on Twitter to a brewing controversy involving the name change of one very popular chain of hash houses.

The restaurant, formally known as IHOP, announced that they are changing affective immediately all of the names of their vast chain of popular eateries to IHOB, aka, International House of Burgers. Check please.


Teigen took to Twitter to point out the obvious fact that the name change poses a huge risk for the franchise’s bottom line, which used to be a stack of pancakes:

IHOb sure loves going all in on one food item, the model said on twitter.

IHOB responded to Teigen’s tweet by agreeing that they do in fact go “all in,” while advising the wife and mother to – come on down and find a new legend..

“All in is all we know. Come try one if you want a new legend in your life,” IHOB replied to Teigen on Twitter.

To which Teigen replied:

Your move IHOB..