Indiana State Fair To Serve BOOZE FIRST TIME In 7 Decades

This year’s Indiana State Fair will serve alcohol to patrons for the first time in nearly 70 years – but there’s one glaring catch.

Visitors seeking a cold one will be issued a wristband that will then limit them to three itty-bitty sample-size glasses. In other words, what’s the point?

indiana state fair

About 40 Indiana craft brewers and wineries will be setting up shop in the new wine and beer garden inside the fairgrounds’ Grand Hall. Continue reading

LIVE STREAM: Amusement Park Ride Accident Los Angeles

The Ninja rollercoaster located at Six Flags Magic Mountain California has gone off the rails.. At least 22 passengers hanging over 20 feet in the air are said to be alert and talking with EMS.

LIVE NOW: Amusement Park Ride Accident, Los Angeles

Amusement Park Ride Accident, Los Angeles

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New Reality Show Focuses On Eccentric Small Town Mayors

A new reality television show puts the focus on eccentric small town mayors.

The concept is simple in its brilliance..


Find a small town with personality that has a Mayor that viewers would want to spend an hour of their time watching each week. With Van Camp, they think they have found a winner in Ely. Following around Melody Van Camp for four days, the crew shot hours and hours of footage to be edited down into a three-minute “sizzle reel” to pitch a new show called “Small Town Mayor.”

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ACTIVE SHOOTER Hyatt Regency Hotel Clearwater Beach

Here we go again? Clearwater Beach, FL – There are reports of an active shooter incident near the Hyatt Regency hotel on Clearwater Beach and ambulances are on scene.. Clearwater Police confirm there are three separate shooting scenes.
Police scanner traffic (below) indicated there were three black male shooters involved.

ACTIVE SHOOTER Hyatt Regency Hotel Clearwater Beach


The hotel is located at 301 S. Gulfview Boulevard. Witnesses report hearing gun shots.

Cops are reporting three suspects entered the hotel before the shooting.

A witness is saying the shooting involved black males on bicycles.

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Disneyland Now $150 For Adults As Ticket Prices Skyrocket Again

It may be a Small World, but you’ll need a full-size wallet of you plan on visiting Disneyland anytime soon..

A dry ice bomb caused the evacuation of one of Disneyland's attractions in Anaheim, California

Disney again raised their admission fee to a whopping $150 for adults, while the cost for kids shot up to $96. Admission for adults was $137 and kids $92.

Disney also bumped up prices in California, SoCal Select, a special rate for residents increased to $289. The company also suspended new sales of its SoCal Annual Passport in an effort to ease overcrowding.

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