Seven people in California and two more from Utah have confirmed cases of measles likely contracted on a trip to Disneyland in Anaheim.

Three more people are also suspected of catching measles from the themepark.


Officials say all patients with confirmed or suspected cases of measles visited Disneyland or Disney California Adventure in Orange County Continue reading

Justin Bieber FAKES Being DISABLED At Disneyland To Cut Lines?

Justin Bieber spent all day at hopping rides at Disneyland, the entire time under the power of a wheelchair.

Upon arriving at the Anaheim, Calif., themepark, Bieber, 20, immediately employed the use of a wheelchair which in-turn thrust him to the front of otherwise long lines by giving him access to the much shorter disabled cues.

Justin-Bieber-Wheelchair-Disneyland 2

“This is turning into a potential scandal, but no one knows what’s happening,” E! News’ Ken Baker shared as he called into the Ryan Seacrest Show on KIIS FM. He continued, “Bieber, over the weekend, went to Disneyland with some friends and family. Continue reading

Disneyland Now $150 For Adults As Ticket Prices Skyrocket Again

It may be a Small World, but you’ll need a full-size wallet of you plan on visiting Disneyland anytime soon..

A dry ice bomb caused the evacuation of one of Disneyland's attractions in Anaheim, California

Disney again raised their admission fee to a whopping $150 for adults, while the cost for kids shot up to $96. Admission for adults was $137 and kids $92.

Disney also bumped up prices in California, SoCal Select, a special rate for residents increased to $289. The company also suspended new sales of its SoCal Annual Passport in an effort to ease overcrowding.

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