Chevy Chase Enters MN REHAB Facility The Lodge

Chevy Chase has reportedly checked into rehab for treatment of what his reps claim is an alcohol abuse problem.

Chase, 72, entered the Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center, aka, The Lodge, located in Minnesota. Publicist Heidi Schaeffer said Monday that Chase is visiting the facility for a “tuneup.”

is chevy chase sick sweating snl-40

Chase has had struggles with substances during his career. He checked into the Betty Ford Clinic in the 1980s for treatment for an addiction to prescription painkillers. Continue reading

Is Chevy Chase Okay? Fans WORRIED After SNL 40th Appearance

The internet is buzzing after Chevy Chase appeared frail on the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary show.

Chevy could hardly make it down the famous SNL stairs, tripping himself in the process, and then there was his voice, which was noticeably different.

is chevy chase sick snl-40

The Vacation star gave an extremely uncomfortable interview with Carson. Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan Dieter?

applegate Lindsay Lohan Dieter?

The buzz has been circulating current onliners who’ve gotten a glimpse of this startling photo of cancer SURVIVOR, Christina Applegate, doing none other than smoking what most like to call, a cancer stick.

Applegate underwent a double mastectomy last year after doctors found an early form of breast cancer. I guess since she wasn’t diagnosed with lung cancer she assumes it’s still okay to smoke. Or, she wants to drop a few lbs for summer so she’s trying the Lindsay Lohan diet: Coffee (or Red Bull) and a cigg.