VIDEO: Scott Weiland Completely Sloshed Singing Vasoline

Scott Weiland maintains he was not on drugs during this performance of Stone Temple Pilots, Vasoline, but the video speaks for itself.

Weiland, a known druggie, was performing with his other band, The Wildabouts, Tuesday in Texas, when he delivered what may be his worst vocal ever.


Weiland’s rep acknowledges it wasn’t Scott’s best work — but says it was a “perfect storm” of Scott being tired and having a couple of drinks before the show. Continue reading

Slash is a Sucka!

Slash and his wife, are suing the realitors that sold him his Hollywood Hills home.



“Sotheby’s International Reality,” misrepresented the details of the house that was sold to Slash and his wife in 2006.

Associated Press says, “They [Slash and his wife] wanted enough size and parking for parties, but say the home was smaller than advertised and on a public street with parking restrictions. The 2007 suit seeks more than $1 million and punitive damage.”

We love them but…
Maybe Slash and his wife should have taken a closer look at the house details before buying, rather than trusting the realitor so much.