Overexposed: Twilight’s Robert Pattinson

Lisa Mason Lee - May 17, 2009

R Pattinson

R Pattinson

Can people ever get enough of Twilight star Robert Pattinson? Everyone from fans to paparazzi are chasing Robert down for autographs and pictures. He is worth a lot right now. He is a huge moneymaker and a huge heartthrob at the moment.

A lot of stars get overexposed like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and even ‘Miss Google’ Lindsay Lohan. Do people get tired of looking at their pictures? Hearing about their life? Sick of seeing them on TMZ leaving a restaurant in Hollywood?


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When is enough-enough? Apparently NEVER. With the ever-growing celebrity culture and internet boom of celeb related sites, these celebs never ‘die’. Their images are encapsulated in a server, and forever stuck in a link. Imprisoned inside the internet! That is, until the person who uploaded the photo or story decides to delete it. But even then, it was probably copied and saved by another person! So it never dies!

We love the business, so it’s never too much for us. There is never enough of overexposure! Inject us!
But we are thinking that Robert Pattinson should maybe hideout for a while. We have a feeling that he is overexposed right now and he must give the cameras and media a break. He belongs on the big screen only. He is not the kind of actor we want to see out partying. We like seeing him in character and on screen. His 23rd Birthday party pictures were fine to see and so were the pictures with his Twilight cast mates at some bar in Vancouver. But that is enough party time! We recommend he stay out of the party and stay in school. Sorry ‘hopeful to meet Rob’ fans out there, but this is for business purposes.

No more parties Rob! Don’t turn into a Hollywood social scene party animal. Don’t get into the ‘juice’! We love you. You are hot right now. Be careful. You are brilliant. Oh, and decline when Kristen passes you the pipe!

Kristen Stewart Hits the Pipe

Kristen Stewart Hits the Pipe

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  • Gabby

    “Huge money maker” HA! That’s funny. What film of his has earned money, besides twilight?

  • gt Baby

    i think yall deranged bitches who dont know FUGLY when they see it!!!

  • Eva

    I love it … :D :p

  • pogo

    yes robert is exposed and for what??? for portraying edward cullen

    he isnt the real edward cullen and people forget that

    edward cullen is a fictional character

    i think whoever portrayed edward cullen in the movies would have the level of fame robert has today

    this isnt about rob at all its about the character he is playing- npeople are obsessed about edward

  • helen

    robert pattinson is _so_ overexposed. and now that the edward cullen barbie doll is coming out, ‘me thinks it is all over.Ä

  • I think that Robert Pattison is awesome. I think that Kristen Stewart is awesome as well. I do believe that both of them should be able to do anything they want to. They are old enough to know better but still young enough to do stupid thing.. let them enjoy that while they can! They both make great movies.. Twilight is one of my favorite and I can not wait for the rest of the saga! I love the books and I think they are doing a very great job at bringing them to life.

  • SavageO

    Boy Heather said it all. I’m a Twi Grand Mom. Love to watch these beautiful kids bringing to life the Twilight Saga. I wish only good things for them and sincerely hope they keep their heads. Rob seems to be very business minded and thankful for what he has been blessed with….good looks and the ability to act. I wish he would feed the fans some info about what he is doing without the need for the paparazzi to take their own slant on what he might be doing. He may think it’s none of our business, but we are fascinated by him and hungry to learn more about makes him tick. Just a little Grand Mom advise, Don’t ruin your biggest assets by smoking, drinking, overeating or whatever. I wish him good luck!…..”I’ll be WATCHING!”

  • I get tired of Paris and the rest of the socialites who seem to put themselves out there for the paparazzi and are just train wrecks.

    Rob to me seems like he’s just trying to do his own thing and because of who he is and the whole Twilight thing that follows him, he’s mobbed by paparazzi no matter what he does. He isn’t constantly screwing up from what I see though, so until he starts flashing his privates while getting out of a car in a skirt (wouldn’t that be a site?), running into other cars when intoxicated, driving with children on his lap, appearing on a reality show to find a new BFF, and just being plain stupid, I won’t get tired of him.