DOES SIZE MATTER? Women’s March Crowd Vs March For Life Crowd

Does crowd size matter? If you ask political beancounters on the left and right, it matters a lot, and if you ask President Donald Trump, it’s all that matters.

Pundits are comparing the crowd size of the March for Life event against that of the Women’s March, and it looks like this year both marches had a huge attendance, though, one may have garnered more celebrity endorsements.

An estimated 650,000 attended a huge March for Life rally in D.C. in 2013. In previous years, numbers ranged around 400,000. According to The Washington Post, this year’s event was likely to draw hundreds of thousands of participants, similar to previous years. Continue reading

Photos: Prince Harry Flirts With Kate Middleton On Buckingham Palace Balcony

Like sardines in a can, about one million hopeful people crammed themselves in the streets near Buckingham Palace, to possibly get the chance to see the Queen of England wave on the Palace’s balcony.

Over the weekend, almost the entire London town celebrated the Diamond Jubilee, which is a celebration of the Queen’s 60-year reign!
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Inside The ‘Fantasy 500 Race Party’ in Indy 2012 (+ Photos)

The 5th annual Fantasy 500 Race Party was held Saturday night in Indy, put on by Image First Marketing and Events co-owned by Bryan Schmidt of Indianapolis. It was presented by Tag Heuer and Digigraph in the Emmis Building on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.

The FANtasy 500 Race Party has established itself as the premier event to do during the Indy 500 Weekend. Since its inception in 2008, it has quickly became a huge hit with more than 1,000 guests each year entering through the doors at the sold-out event. Continue reading

Tanorexic Mom Wants a Date with Snooki!

The other day, we told you about the Tan Mom/Tanorexic Mom/Tan-o-holic Mom who let her 5-year-old daughter bake in a New Jersey Tanning salon, and since Tan Mom’s arrest story went international, she’s been the paparazzi’s new muse!

Tan Mom is currently being stalked by Jersey paparazzi, who have plenty of experience with hounding Snooki from the show “Jersey Shore”. Since Tan Mom and tan-obsessed Snooki, who is a soon-to-be a ‘tan’ Mom herself, both tan and live in New Jersey, so the paps decided to start a riff with the two. Snooki commented on Tan Mom in an interview on “Extra”, saying, “That bitch is crazy.” Then paps asked Tan Mom what she thought about Snooki, and Tan Mom says intensely, “She’s the biggest a**hole in the world. She’s fake, she’s fat, her t*ts are fake, she’s disgusting… When this is all said and done, I’d like to meet up with ‘Snoopy’.” Continue reading

Megan Fox Folds Under Baby Question (Video)

Megan Fox was being interviewed by “Entertainment Tonight” host Steve Jones, about her new spokewoman job for “The Sharper Image”, where she basically lays on a bed in underwear again!

Jones was told not to ask any personal questions about Fox aka the pregnancy rumors. Jones hints at the baby question anyway, as Fox folds, and her publicist tries to end the interview. Continue reading