Depp Takes Tonto Makeup Off – Attends Dark Shadows Premiere

In the midst of doing lots of ‘on location‘ filming in the desert for the rehash “Lone Ranger” movie, Johnny Depp, who plays ‘Tonto‘ the Native American Indian, took a break from the heavy Tonto face paint, for the premiere of his vampire flick “Dark Shadows” last night.
Depp showed up in his normal garb to the premiere held at Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese, but this time, he did not wear a hat! I think he lost it in the wind, because his hair is a bit too greasy for show- but that’s what makes him hot right? Continue reading

Nic Cage Auctioning Off Hot Comic Book Worth a Million Dollars

actioncomic1 124x200 Nic Cage Auctioning Off Hot Comic Book Worth a Million DollarsActor Nicolas Cage, has put his “Action Comics-1938 #1″ comic book up for public auction, but not just anyone in the public will be able to have a chance at scoring it.

Cage’s rare and expensive comic book was actually stolen from him back in 2000, and recovered in Spring of 2011. The “2011 Overstreet VF/NM Guide Value” has set this book’s worth at $1,050,000. That means that his is the highest graded copy in the CGC census.

The highest bid it currently has on is $1,306,000.00. Bidding ends on 11/30/11.

Tim Burton Launches “Tim Burton” Art Exhibit Toronto

Tim Burton alla 64 "Mostra del cinema&quo...

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Tim Burton visited Toronto Canada’s “TIFF Bell Lightbox” to unveil a new MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) exhibit created for him called “Tim Burton”. He took pictures and signed copies of the following three books: The Art of Tim Burton; Burton on Burton; and Tim BurtonMasters of Cinema Series, in addition to Tim Burton Dark Horse journals. The event was reported to have been the third-highest attendance of any exhibition in the museum’s history. He is now in the rarefied company of Picasso… and Matisse.

The Tim Burton exhibit is displaying his art, movies and the exhibit is holding Burton themed workshops and events. The exhibit is open to the public November 26, 2010.

OMG! Johnny Depp Makes Surprise Appearance at Comic-Con Today for Alice and Wonderland!

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp make a rare surprise appearance at San Diego’s Comic-Con to promote upcoming movie “Alice in Wonderland”!
Surprise it sure is! Robert Pattinson and Johnny Depp in the same building at the same time! Gush!!!!! Gush!!!!!
Hereeeeeeeeee’s Johnny!
Johnny_depp_comic-con_alice_wonderland Continue reading

Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and Johnny Depp to be 3D

Tim Burton’s new film in progress, “Alice in Wonderland”, starring Johnny Depp, is being shot in 3D. Just imagine the original Disney cartoon story of Alice Wonderland, mixed with Burton’s “Willy Wonka’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” in 3D! It will be like Disney World’s ‘It’s a small world’ ride combined with a carnie funhouse mirror in a tie-dye acid tripp extravaganza! But you have to wait and see until the film releases March 2010!

johnny depp alice in wonderland photo Tim Burtons Alice in Wonderland and Johnny Depp to be 3D