No, You’re Not Getting PUNK’D Mila Kunis ENGAGED

No! You’re not getting Punk’d! Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are officially engaged, E! News confirms.

Kunis was spotted shopping earlier today wearing a diamond ring on that finger, and a source tells us that she and her former That ’70s Show costar are indeed planning to make it official.

She and Kutcher, who are pretty darn adorable together, have been dating for almost two years. That ’70s Show fans were first treated to signs of Jackie and Kelso’s real-life coupling back in April 2012, though it took a number of months for them to be more public with their romance.

Congrats to the future mister and misses!

Demi Moore Demanding Spousal Support


Finally, Demi Moore, 51, has officially filed divorce papers from Ashton Kutcher, 35. It only took 16 months since they’ve been separated from their six year marriage. Kutcher filed papers 3 months before but unlike her estranged husband, she is asking for spousal support. REALLY?! Demi Moore’s estimated net worth is $150 million dollars!!! She needs spousal support?! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.


According to Moore, she was sick of Kutcher “stalling” so she decided to take matters into her own hands and file papers herself. She really wanted to settle out of court but Kutcher was being soooo unreasonable and difficult. Ooh really?!

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Ashton Kutcher Stricken With Pancreaotic Crisis While Method Acting jOBS

In preparation for playing Steve Jobs, Ashton Kutcher mirrored the Apple chief’s all-fruit diet, a method acting technique that landed the actor in the hospital.

ashton_kutcher_steve jobs 04

“First of all, the fruitarian diet can lead to like severe issues,” Kutcher said following the jOBS screening at Sundance. “I was like doubled over in pain.”

Kutcher was admitted to a hospital two days before shooting was scheduled to begin with “pancreas problems.”

Steve Jobs dies in October 2011 after battling pancreatic cancer.

“My pancreas levels were completely out of whack,” Kutcher recalled. “It was really terrifying … considering everything.”

jOBS opened to less-than steller reviews at Sundance.

Early Reviews: Ashton Kutcher ‘jOBS’ iSUCKS

Ashton Kutcher’ jOBS, the biopic of Apple chief Steve Jobs closed Sundance to less-than rave reviews. Here’s a sample.


Ashton is also not bad in his Nikon commercials, but great actor he is not. And so “jOBS” closes the 2013 Sundance Film Festival to very lukewarm reviews. Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire–all give it middling notices, pointing out that it’s a paint-by-numbers effort. And Ashton is cited in Variety as one of its least appealing ingredients. showbiz411.

Variety: “…precisely that familiarity with Jobs, who reached iconic status in the years before his death, that often undercuts the effectiveness of Kutcher’s carefully judged performance. Despite the superficial physical resemblance between actor and subject, enhanced by thick glasses, longish hair and an impressive attempt at vocal mimickry on Kutcher’s part, the illusion never fully seizes hold.”

Hollywood Reporter: “passably entertaining” and “somewhat like a two-hour commercial covering the first 20 tumultuous years of Apple’s development…”

Well this kind of isucks because I was really looking forward to seeing this movie.

CORNBALLS: Mila Kunis Ashton Kutcher To Spend Christmas In Iowa

Ashton Kutcher is a guy who really has his priorities straight! Number one, file for divorce, number 2, take your new girlfriend to meet your folks for the holidays! Perfect.

Just a few days after filing a heartless salvo of a divorce document and levying on his ex, Demi Moore, Kutcher took his new bitch to Iowa for some frozen yogurt in already ball freezing weather!


People magazine reports that the couple was spotted in Kutcher’s hometown of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where they dined at a frozen yogurt shop on Saturday night. We’re sure you’ll be interested to learn that Kutcher, 34, indulged in peach fro-yo, while Kunis, 29, opted for orange sorbet.