POOF! Khizr Khan SHUTTERS Website That Offered Pay-To-Play MUSLIM IMMIGRATION Service

Khizr Khan, the Muslim Gold Star father that appeared at the Democratic National Convention has deleted his law firm’s website from the Internet that catered to pay-to-play Muslim migration into America.

The now shuttered website is proof Khan financially benefited by offering pay-to-play Muslims migrating to America. Democrats have been slamming GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump over comments he made about Khan.

Khizr Khan Muslim Immigration website

A snapshot of Khan’s now deleted website, shows that as a lawyer he engages in procurement of EB5 immigration visas and other “Related Immigration Services.”  Continue reading

What Killed Kimbo Slice? Fighting World Mourns Untimely Death Of Popular MMA Fighter

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson, popular backyard fighter and later MMA star, has died. He was 42.

Slice was at his South Florida residence when the call was made to transport him to Northwest Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, a spokeswoman for the Coral Springs, Fla., said Monday. Some reports say the fighter died from suspected heart failure, however, this has not been confirmed.

how did kimbo slice die

Bellator president Scott Coker confirmed Slice’s death in a statement: “We are all shocked and saddened by the devastating and untimely loss of Kimbo Slice Continue reading

Sarah Palin: Todd Broke Back, Ribs, Shoulder, Clavicle, Knee, Leg, Collapsed Lung

Sarah Palin revealed the extent of her husband Todd injuries after he was involved in a near-fatal snowmobile accident in Alaska.

Todd Palin was admitted into a hospital’s intensive care unit over the weekend suffering multiple injuries including broken and fractured ribs and other bones, knee and leg injuries, and a collapsed lung.

todd palin snowmobile accident scene

Sarah Palin posted an update to her Facebook to let everyone know exactly what’s happening. Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh: Trump Does NOT Do Cell Phones Doesn’t Do Email

Rush Limbaugh made some startling comments about his golfing buddy and presidential candidate, Donald Trump, saying he does not own a cell phone and certainly does not “do email.”

The claims seem absurd, considering, Trump is a deal maker who has made quite the splash on social media as of late, but Rush explained it this way,

rush limbaugh donald trump golfing

I happen to know Trump does not use a cell phone, folks. He does not do e-mail, for this very reason. Continue reading


The results are in, and Drudge Report readers have picked their winner of the Republican Debate. Despite all of Fox News‘ post show Trump bashing, in the end, the Donald is standing tall atop of the Republican heap, according to preliminary Drudge Report poll results.

Out 10 choices and 226,000 votes so far, Trump received over 92,000 votes or a whopping 40.22 percent, soundly winning the debate, as voted by Drudge Report readers.

trump drudge report results

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Donald Trump Takes On Matt Lauer And You Guessed It, KILLS IT [VIDEO]

Donald Trump took on another slippery government puppet and career news hack, Matt Lauer in a phone-in interview – And you guessed right, he killed it.

Via Western Journalism:


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been the target of much criticism, most recently for inflammatory remarks he made about Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., at a forum Saturday in Ames, Iowa, hosted by pollster Frank Luntz. Continue reading

Who Is Erica Lafferty? And Why Does She Hate Joe The Plumber?

Erica Lafferty is the woman who lost her mother, Dawn Hochsprung, in the Newtown, Connecticut, Sandy Hook school shootings. In a column she wrote for the Daily Beast, Lafferty called Joe the Plumber “disgusting” after recent comments he made about the Santa Barbara shootings.


Joe The Plumber is the man who gained fame after serendipitously being involved in the 2008 presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain.

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Mitt Romney Finally Makes It To The White House! For Lunch…

I find this simply fascinating and even a little heartwarming… Pres. Obama and Mitt Romney are meeting for lunch at the White House next week!

“On Thursday, Governor Romney will have a private lunch at the White House with President Obama in the Private Dining Room,” Jay Carney wrote. “It will be the first opportunity they have had to visit since the election. There will be no press coverage of the meeting.”

During Obama’s acceptance speech after winning the election he mentioned Romney as being someone he would like have a sit down, saying he was planning, “to sitting down with Governor Romney to talk about where we can work together to move this country forward.”

“There are certain aspects of Governor Romney’s record and his ideas that I think could be very helpful,” said Obama, specifically citing Romney’s leadership of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Games.

Meeting with your opponent after you hand them a healthy beating seems to be the norm in Washington, in 2008 Obama met with Sen. John McCain after handily defeating him in the 2008 presidential election.

“Game Change” Made Sarah Palin Out To Be A Dumb Diva

sarah palin 150x187 Game Change Made Sarah Palin Out To Be A Dumb DivaWow! As I sit here watching HBO’s “Game Change”, based on the last Presidential election involving Republicans John McCain and Sarah Palin, I am shocked in the way Sarah Palin is being portrayed.

Julianne Moore, who portrays Palin in Game Change, is making Palin look like a dumb, uneducated, egomaniac diva, who didn’t have her stuff together during the election time.

The film shows how Palin was struggling behind the scenes in 2008, how it was almost impossible to get her to act and speak correctly for public speaking events and interviews. The film makes it look like Palin ‘winged’ her way through every event and somehow made it out alive!

Was Sarah Palin really this way back in 2008? Some say that the film was purposely made to make Palin look bad, and evidence to back that claim, is that some of the film’s producers and actors have endorsed the Democratic party in the past. Sarah Palin herself, is not backing the film in any way either. Palin’s team even made a video showing that Game Change is not a good representation of the ‘real’ Palin.

If you saw the movie, did you think it was a good representation of Sarah Palin and John McCain?