Erica Lafferty is the woman who lost her mother, Dawn Hochsprung, in the Newtown, Connecticut, Sandy Hook school shootings. In a column she wrote for the Daily Beast, Lafferty called Joe the Plumber “disgusting” after recent comments he made about the Santa Barbara shootings.



Joe The Plumber is the man who gained fame after serendipitously being involved in the 2008 presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Sen. John McCain.

Wurzelbacher recently blogged about the Santa Barbara shooting saying in-part, “As harsh as this sounds — your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights.”

Lafferty responded in her op-ed, writing, “It’s actually refreshing to see his [Wurzelbacher’s] comments so unvarnished, so closely removed from this poor kid’s murder. And I wouldn’t have dignified his disgusting comments with a response if it didn’t follow such a disturbing pattern among gun extremists in this country.”