Jay Z sported a shocking necklace of a statement at the Brooklyn Nets game on April 1! The medallion represents the Five Percent Nation, an offshoot of Islam extremists who spew harsh tenets like “all white men are the devil.”

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Jay Z may be more of an activist than he lets on. The 44-year-old rapper raised eyebrows at the April 1 Brooklyn Nets game by taking his courtside seat with a Five Percent Nation chain around his neck, seemingly advocating for some shocking, racially charged beliefs.

The Five Percent Nation is an offshoot of the Nation of Islam that preaches that black people are the fathers and mothers of civilization, the Christian god is nothing more than a ghost, and most shockingly, that white men are the devil. source

When asked by a reporter if the Five Percent medallion held any meaning for him, Jay shrugged and said, “A little bit,” according to Page Six. And it must, because the basketball game wasn’t the first time the rapper was caught rocking the bling — Jay also wore it at his Magna Carta World Tour show in Philadelphia on Jan. 29.