Rush Limbaugh made some startling comments about his golfing buddy and presidential candidate, Donald Trump, saying he does not own a cell phone and certainly does not “do email.”

The claims seem absurd, considering, Trump is a deal maker who has made quite the splash on social media as of late, but Rush explained it this way,


rush limbaugh donald trump golfing

I happen to know Trump does not use a cell phone, folks. He does not do e-mail, for this very reason.

I was told long ago when I first started playing golf with the Trumpster, he does not use a cell phone, or at least he doesn’t do e-mail.  I was kind of surprised, frankly, when I saw that he started tweeting. My first question is, “Does he write these tweets himself or does he have somebody on his staff doing it just because it’s hip and it’s hot and he wants a presence in it?”

Rush went on to say, “Who knows if he writes all of his tweets that he posts. You know, this is the danger that when you start going in the social media stuff and tweeting stuff and maybe you hire somebody to do it for you.”

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