Rush Limbaugh: Trump Does NOT Do Cell Phones Doesn’t Do Email

Rush Limbaugh made some startling comments about his golfing buddy and presidential candidate, Donald Trump, saying he does not own a cell phone and certainly does not “do email.”

The claims seem absurd, considering, Trump is a deal maker who has made quite the splash on social media as of late, but Rush explained it this way,

rush limbaugh donald trump golfing

I happen to know Trump does not use a cell phone, folks. He does not do e-mail, for this very reason. Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh Compares Cecil The Lion Death To Planned Parenthood

Conservative radio talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, on Wednesday’s program, questioned how so many can “get teary-eyed and misty-eyed and sad,” over Cecil the lion, while at the same time not giving a hoot about what’s happening over at Planned Parenthood.

In an effort to connect a vast series of dots, Limbaugh made it a point to express his sadness over the death of the iconic lion, while drawing a parallel to how much more the nation should be outraged over the actions of Planned Parenthood.


“I do know how the animal people are. But I know that most animal people…they have the same attitude toward human beings. Look, I understand the difference. Continue reading