A newly released video shows chilling footage of what is being touted the biggest great white shark ever filmed.

The video, featuring one of Discovery Channel‘s shark experts, Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, (the crazy man on the outside of shark cage,) named the beast, “Deep Blue.”

Deep Blue The biggest great white shark ever filmed

“I give you the biggest white shark ever seen in front of the cages in Guadalupe Island….DEEP BLUE!!!” the caption reads. Continue reading

Rush Limbaugh: Trump Does NOT Do Cell Phones Doesn’t Do Email

Rush Limbaugh made some startling comments about his golfing buddy and presidential candidate, Donald Trump, saying he does not own a cell phone and certainly does not “do email.”

The claims seem absurd, considering, Trump is a deal maker who has made quite the splash on social media as of late, but Rush explained it this way,

rush limbaugh donald trump golfing

I happen to know Trump does not use a cell phone, folks. He does not do e-mail, for this very reason. Continue reading

Mila Kunis Hides From Paps By Covering Her OWN EYES!

Mila Kunis… Stupid is as stupid does. Run Forest RUN! Man alive!


RIGHT when I saw these pictures of actress Mila Kunis, I thought, now that is one dumb lady! Did you know that an ostridge does the very same thing? You can NOT hide from someone by covering your OWN EYES MILLA! But that’s exactly what Kunis did when she spotted British paps trying to snap her mug… DUMB DUMB DUMB DUMB…

The 29-year-old actress pulled her grey hat over her face and wrapped her thick padded coat tight around herself as she had her feet tended to in the salon. Mail.


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News of the Weird: Woman Scammed Changing Man Diapers

I really like’ News of the Weird because it allows me to do stories like this…

A Florida woman gets a call from a man stating he is looking for a caregiver. The guy says he is looking for someone to care for his brother who has the brain of a 5 year old, is disabled, needs his diaper changed and to needs be bottle-fed.

So, Janet Schulte meets with the guy’s ‘brother’ and inks a deal for $600 a week to take care of his 40-something, disadvantaged brother in her own home.

Now maybe you can see this one coming a country mile, however, this lady did not and so she actually performed the services for this man, changing mr. Poopy and feeding him his baba, problem is, the guy turns out to not be disabled at all! Matter of fact, he doesn’t even have a brother; he doubled as his own deal-cutting, healthy brother!

Eventually the woman figured it out, however, she had changed the middle-aged man’s full-grown diapers for weeks while he exposed himself. Feeling, well, taken advantage of, the woman went to cop to file charges, now get this, officials told Schulte that the man had broke no laws and refused to pursue the case!

When I first started writing this story I had a thought, “This would make a great movie” on second thought, maybe it’s already been done, in a sick porno.