ORLANDO, FL. (THECOUNT) — Sources with direct knowledge claim Britney Spears is facing “serious danger,” both mentally and financially, since the end of her conservatorship.

According to insiders, Britney is described as “completely dysfunctional” and experiencing radical mood swings that are described as “shocking.” With no supervision post-conservatorship, sources reveal she is almost entirely isolated and dangerously unstable, according to TMZ.


The few individuals still in Britney’s life reportedly believe she was faring much better under the conservatorship, citing the protective restrictions that are now absent. Sources express frustration over the lack of justice in Britney’s current situation, particularly concerning her finances.

TMZ claims they learned that Britney has been spending exorbitant amounts of money, raising concerns about her financial stability. Trips to French Polynesia, where she spends close to a million dollars each visit, and monthly trips to Hawaii, costing $350k per trip, are cited as examples of her extravagant spending habits.

Despite having $60 million when the conservatorship ended, sources warn that Britney is now in danger of going broke. With hefty legal bills, including over $4 million to her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, and an agreement to pay her father’s legal fees totaling around $2 million, Britney’s finances are rapidly depleting.

TMZ previously reported that Britney settled with her father, Jamie Spears, without receiving any financial compensation, as Jamie’s actions were court-approved. The settlement, coupled with ongoing legal expenses, has contributed to Britney’s financial challenges, leaving her in a precarious financial situation.