STOP What You’re Doing And Watch The First 4 Minutes Of Walking Dead Season 5

The folks at AMC have just released the first four minutes of the season premiere of The Walking Dead.

The clip reveals Gareth and the gang at Terminus trapped in a rail car in a flashback before it cuts to what may be the same car to show Rick, Daryl and company all gearing up for war.

the walking season premiere season 5

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Not Big On Football? Watch The WALKING DEAD Zombie Bowl Instead!

It’s the first annual Zombie Bowl Marathon! Coming to AMC this Sunday 10AM/9c.walking dead

In anticipation of the mid-season premiere of season four of “The Walking Dead,” airing Sunday, February 9th at 9pm, AMC will give viewers a chance to catch up on the ultimate game of survival on a day-long Humans vs. Walkers show-down in AMC’s “Zombie Bowl.”

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The Walking Dead Video Game April 25th! is reporting! The Walking Dead staggers onto XBLA on April 25th according to and the game information page. Yes, that is this coming Wednesday and you’ll be able to pick up the first episode for 400 Microsoft Points. There are four more episodes that are currently scheduled approximately every month or two until the end of the year. No price point has been set for the follow up episodes but we assume they’ll be priced about the same as the first episode. If the game is successful it could probably turn into even more.

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“Walking Dead” Fans Wary About Season 3

After “The Walking Dead” season 2 finale on AMC, fans flooded to read my recap of the finale. Since then, I’ve gathered some reoccurring viewpoints and opinions from fans, who are pondering some of the same questions.

Towards the end of the finale, when Andrea was about to become zombie dinner, an important new character was revealed in the midst of saving Andrea’s life. This new character, “Michonne”, who some are calling the ‘bad-ass Samurai sword chick’, was revealed for a short amount of time, with no explanation of who she is or where she came from. Fans have been left baffled, not only because of the mystique surrounding Michonne, but some have been left ‘wary’ about next season, since Michonne had two CGI-created, arm-less zombies on chained leashes.

But fans aren’t wary about the arm-less zombies on chained leashes, as most fans understand that the new Michonne character uses the zombies to fend off other zombies’ sense of smell whilst hunting the living. Fans are wary about the heavy CGI used to create the zombies.
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“The Walking Dead” Season 2 Finale: Zombie Slaves, Rick Caves- A Prison Awaits

**SPOILER ALERT for those of you who haven’t seen “The Walking Dead” season 2 finale**

Last night on “The Walking Dead” season finale ending, a striking-new character was introduced, while Andrea was in the midst of becoming zombie dinner. But before Andrea became zombie bait, the first part of the show was filled with the most entertaining zombie target practice we’ve ever seen.

In the midst of a zombie invasion, the team was driving around the farm in vehicles, popping off rounds of bullets in zombies heads, while farm-owner Hershel was standing solo in front of his farmhouse, firing off shotgun bullets into zombies who were headed for his beloved house.

When the swarm of zombies became to hard to handle, the surviving group members fled the scene, driving fast and far. That’s when it was discovered that one survivor was left behind to fend for herself.
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