**SPOILER ALERT for those of you who haven’t seen “The Walking Dead” season 2 finale**

Last night on “The Walking Dead” season finale ending, a striking-new character was introduced, while Andrea was in the midst of becoming zombie dinner. But before Andrea became zombie bait, the first part of the show was filled with the most entertaining zombie target practice we’ve ever seen.


In the midst of a zombie invasion, the team was driving around the farm in vehicles, popping off rounds of bullets in zombies heads, while farm-owner Hershel was standing solo in front of his farmhouse, firing off shotgun bullets into zombies who were headed for his beloved house.

When the swarm of zombies became to hard to handle, the surviving group members fled the scene, driving fast and far. That’s when it was discovered that one survivor was left behind to fend for herself.


Andrea, who was left behind at the farmhouse during the zombie invasion, was chased out into the woods all alone by zombies. Andrea was running on foot, tirelessly trying to fend off the hungry zombies, until a zombie she was fighting, almost got the best of her. Just when we thought she was going to be zombie dinner, the ruthless zombie gets his head chopped off and falls over dead for good, and that’s when the ‘cloaked’ dominatrix-looking character who saves Andrea’s life, is revealed.

This new ‘samurai’ character with cleavage, who is named Michonne, wears a hooded cloak and walks with two arm-less zombie slaves on leashes. Viewers were then left on a limb after Michonne was revealed, and we were taken back to what was going on with the rest of the surviving group who fled the farmhouse.

The pack stopped their vehicles and set up camp miles away from the farmhouse. The group suddenly became weary of Rick, as he wasn’t playing the nice guy anymore. The pack was mad that Rick held back information about ‘everyone carrying the zombie gene’ and that ‘they could turn into zombies at any time like if they got angry enough’. Rick even consoled to his wife he killed best friend Shane, and ‘saw it coming days ago’ that Shane wanted to kill him first. Rick even told her that their son Carl shot Shane to his death a second time, when Shane was resurrected into a zombie.

It was inferred that Rick may be going insane, and just could very well ‘turn’ like Shane did, if he takes his anger to the brink of insanity- which he might do!

The finale ending left us with a near-distant view of a prison, shimmering under the moonlight. Perhaps prison will be their new home next season? What is Michonne going to do with Andrea after saving her life? Will everyone become a family again, or will everyone split into different directions?

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