Getaway, the new flick starring Ethan Hawke and ‘Come And Get It’ singer, Selena Gomez scored a putrid 1 percent recommend on popular movie critic website, Rotten Tomatoes.. Only ONE critic out of 72 CRITICS liked the part car chase part bank job movie.. IMDB scored the film at 3.8. which is very much, how you say, on the low side..

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Inside The ‘Fantasy 500 Race Party’ in Indy 2012 (+ Photos)

The 5th annual Fantasy 500 Race Party was held Saturday night in Indy, put on by Image First Marketing and Events co-owned by Bryan Schmidt of Indianapolis. It was presented by Tag Heuer and Digigraph in the Emmis Building on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.

The FANtasy 500 Race Party has established itself as the premier event to do during the Indy 500 Weekend. Since its inception in 2008, it has quickly became a huge hit with more than 1,000 guests each year entering through the doors at the sold-out event. Continue reading

Rihanna: Pyramid, Animal Skins, One Eye – ‘Where Have You Been’ Video

Rihanna is not only recycling Beyonce’s dance moves, but she’ mimicking Beyonce’s entire animalistic theme from a few years ago- plus an obvious splice of Illuminati worship.Rihanna, who always seems drugged up and horny ALL of the time, really knocks out those specific characteristics in this new music video entitled “Where Have You Been”.

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“Walking Dead” Fans Wary About Season 3

After “The Walking Dead” season 2 finale on AMC, fans flooded to read my recap of the finale. Since then, I’ve gathered some reoccurring viewpoints and opinions from fans, who are pondering some of the same questions.

Towards the end of the finale, when Andrea was about to become zombie dinner, an important new character was revealed in the midst of saving Andrea’s life. This new character, “Michonne”, who some are calling the ‘bad-ass Samurai sword chick’, was revealed for a short amount of time, with no explanation of who she is or where she came from. Fans have been left baffled, not only because of the mystique surrounding Michonne, but some have been left ‘wary’ about next season, since Michonne had two CGI-created, arm-less zombies on chained leashes.

But fans aren’t wary about the arm-less zombies on chained leashes, as most fans understand that the new Michonne character uses the zombies to fend off other zombies’ sense of smell whilst hunting the living. Fans are wary about the heavy CGI used to create the zombies.
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“The Walking Dead” Season 2 Finale: Zombie Slaves, Rick Caves- A Prison Awaits

**SPOILER ALERT for those of you who haven’t seen “The Walking Dead” season 2 finale**

Last night on “The Walking Dead” season finale ending, a striking-new character was introduced, while Andrea was in the midst of becoming zombie dinner. But before Andrea became zombie bait, the first part of the show was filled with the most entertaining zombie target practice we’ve ever seen.

In the midst of a zombie invasion, the team was driving around the farm in vehicles, popping off rounds of bullets in zombies heads, while farm-owner Hershel was standing solo in front of his farmhouse, firing off shotgun bullets into zombies who were headed for his beloved house.

When the swarm of zombies became to hard to handle, the surviving group members fled the scene, driving fast and far. That’s when it was discovered that one survivor was left behind to fend for herself.
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Britney’s New Video: The Hottest Apocalyptic Ever!

Britney sewer

Have you noticed? Britney Spears is usually in the center of an orgy-esque dance routine in almost every single one of her music videos. This time around in her newest video “Till The World Ends”, she’s not ‘just’ the center of an orgy dance, she’s the center of an orgy dance in a sewer!

All taking place on December 12, 2012- Buildings are being hit with rockets, buildings implode, fires break out…and where is Britney Spears when the apocalypse comes? You guessed it, down in a dirty hot sewer, in the middle of a sweaty dance orgy!
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Inception Review: Deep Thinkers and Dreamers Only…

Leo Inception

4 1/2 Stars out of 5Note: NO spoilers through entire story!
I saw “Inception” last night at the IMAX, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m a big Leo fan, not just because he’s really really ridiculously good looking, but he’s a nice dude in real life and he’s an amazing actor. How can you not like the guy?! We all loved Titanic, The Aviator, The Departed, The Beach, Revolutionary Road and Shutter Island-just to name a few of his killer movies.

Inception also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine, Lukas Haas, and Pete Postlethwaite.

It was a very unique choice to cast all of these actors for the film, and they all turned out to be great on screen together and I’m glad that it wasn’t the same old formula, the casting director took a risky jump.

You are probably skeptical about heading to the theater since seeing the movie previews of Leonardo DiCaprio paired up with “Juno” star Ellen Page, but the chemistry does match and their roles flow together nicely in the movie (I’m being vague so I don’t give away any spoilers!).

I want to point out that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays alongside Leo in the movie, finally got to play a grown-up role! I was skeptical of his acting in this movie because all the work I’ve always seen of him seems to be immature and kind of shallow (“500 Days of Summer” starring Zooey Deschanel). Sorry! I just think he’s been typecast for so many years as this desperate-loser-guy, and I was beginning to think he was a crappy actor. Inception changed my thinking, and now he has finally broken out of the young-dorky roles. I’m really excited for his career now! He’s looking up, and looking hotter than ever.

If you’re a vivid dreamer and if you’re into dream interpretation, this movie is for you!
nception was about this group of ‘dream worker’ people who get offered a challenge to break inside of a powerful man’s mind (the victim), and install a thought into his head to change the future. The group of people make a dream plan that the group is in compliance with, they all go to sleep at the same time, and show up in the same dream together and take on the challenge and obstacles as a team. In this challenge given, the group sets out to travel through 3 layers of this joint dream with their victim by their side, who is also simultaneously sedated/dreaming (against his will) in the same room with them in reality. The group’s goal is to get inside of the victim’s vault of secrets in his mind (inception), which can only be found in the 3rd level of the dream, which is stored in a ‘dream within a dream’-a very challenging place to get to with personal projections and obstacles created by the group’s imaginative sub-conscious (having to pee in a dream, an enemy appearing in your dream)! Leonardo (Cobb) has a disturbing lingering projection (memory) that makes the group’s challenge even harder!

Are you totally confused!? Hopefully it will make more sense when you see it!

It’s one of those movies you have to follow all the way through, and you CANNOT take a bathroom break for the whole 2 hours and 22 minutes because you’ll be so lost! The movie does not feel long though. Make sure you see it at the IMAX too! The best picture and sound!

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Jim Morrison’s Birthday Party @ Barney’s Beanery

Tonight December 8, 2008

Inside Jim Morrison’s 65th Birthday at Barney’s Beanery in West Hollywood, California…

Spotlights, classic cars, paparazzi, a huge line of people all waiting to get into the super exclusive Birthday party for the World Famous Legend: Jim Morrison.

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison

Inside…Camera flashes, musicians, radio personalities, Jim Morrison fans, Doors fans and a HUGE 5 foot long, 3-piece cake for everyone! Band members Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek LIVE in person getting slammed with cameras and fans galore. TV screens all around Barney’s displaying a photo slide show of The Doors. Exclusive Doors music cranking…

Ray Robbie Krieger

Ray & Robby

Meanwhile, we sat down in a booth and continued our radio show on BlogTalkRadio. We ordered some complimentary all-you-can-eat food on the house! Thank you guys! Ray Manzarek had a little break so we went in for the photo opp! Ray Manzarek is super welcoming and very nice! Soon after, it was time to cut the cake.

Robby and Ray, standing together cutting Jim’s Birthday cake! Wow! Flash bulb frenzy! They cut the cake and began singing “Happy Birthday to Jim”. Jim’s vibe was strong and present. Jim actually used to sit in the booth where the cake was placed. That exact spot was Jim’s favorite.

Robby and Ray then moved over to the bar area for another photo op. The guys then joined up with radio personality Jim Ladd, and began the KLOS 95.5 LIVE feed at Barney’s. Memories, stories and facts about Jim and The Doors pinged a whirlwind of joy into the crowd.

Lisa Mason Lee Ray Manzarek

Lisa & Ray

Actor Corey Feldman walks on by! Oh yes. Corey Feldman from ‘The Goonies’, ‘The Lost Boys’, ‘The Burbs’ and ‘Stand By Me’ just to name a few of his films. We caught up with Corey and he told us that he has been focusing on music lately. Aside from his busy film schedule, Corey is a singer-songwriter and producer. Corey has been in the recording studio working with legendary artists. He has been working with friend/musician Jon Carin, who has played with Roger Waters from Pink Floyd. Corey also brought in buddy Scott Page on his album, who was the sax player for Pink Floyd. Corey is a super nice guy with a lot of depth. We’re interested to hear his music. Love him! We are going to have Corey on soon enough!

Lisa Mason Lee Corey Feldman Cody Christinsen

Lisa, Corey & Kody

We lastly got our hands on a piece of Jim’s Birthday cake. Jim’s cake was provided by West Hollywood’s #1 Celebrity cake shop, “Cake and Art”.   They make cakes for every occasion from weddings to TV shows to celebrities and musicians. They even make doggie treats too!

What a wonderful birthday celebration. It was so amazing to see Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek together again. We love you Jim! Happy 65th! XOXO

To listen to our LIVE broadcast from the party CLICK HERE

ThecounT Cake