Inception Review: Deep Thinkers and Dreamers Only…

Lisa Mason Lee - July 18, 2010

Leo Inception

4 1/2 Stars out of 5Note: NO spoilers through entire story!
I saw “Inception” last night at the IMAX, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio. I’m a big Leo fan, not just because he’s really really ridiculously good looking, but he’s a nice dude in real life and he’s an amazing actor. How can you not like the guy?! We all loved Titanic, The Aviator, The Departed, The Beach, Revolutionary Road and Shutter Island-just to name a few of his killer movies.

Inception also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Dileep Rao, Cillian Murphy, Tom Berenger, Marion Cotillard, Michael Caine, Lukas Haas, and Pete Postlethwaite.


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It was a very unique choice to cast all of these actors for the film, and they all turned out to be great on screen together and I’m glad that it wasn’t the same old formula, the casting director took a risky jump.

You are probably skeptical about heading to the theater since seeing the movie previews of Leonardo DiCaprio paired up with “Juno” star Ellen Page, but the chemistry does match and their roles flow together nicely in the movie (I’m being vague so I don’t give away any spoilers!).

I want to point out that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays alongside Leo in the movie, finally got to play a grown-up role! I was skeptical of his acting in this movie because all the work I’ve always seen of him seems to be immature and kind of shallow (“500 Days of Summer” starring Zooey Deschanel). Sorry! I just think he’s been typecast for so many years as this desperate-loser-guy, and I was beginning to think he was a crappy actor. Inception changed my thinking, and now he has finally broken out of the young-dorky roles. I’m really excited for his career now! He’s looking up, and looking hotter than ever.

If you’re a vivid dreamer and if you’re into dream interpretation, this movie is for you!
nception was about this group of ‘dream worker’ people who get offered a challenge to break inside of a powerful man’s mind (the victim), and install a thought into his head to change the future. The group of people make a dream plan that the group is in compliance with, they all go to sleep at the same time, and show up in the same dream together and take on the challenge and obstacles as a team. In this challenge given, the group sets out to travel through 3 layers of this joint dream with their victim by their side, who is also simultaneously sedated/dreaming (against his will) in the same room with them in reality. The group’s goal is to get inside of the victim’s vault of secrets in his mind (inception), which can only be found in the 3rd level of the dream, which is stored in a ‘dream within a dream’-a very challenging place to get to with personal projections and obstacles created by the group’s imaginative sub-conscious (having to pee in a dream, an enemy appearing in your dream)! Leonardo (Cobb) has a disturbing lingering projection (memory) that makes the group’s challenge even harder!

Are you totally confused!? Hopefully it will make more sense when you see it!

It’s one of those movies you have to follow all the way through, and you CANNOT take a bathroom break for the whole 2 hours and 22 minutes because you’ll be so lost! The movie does not feel long though. Make sure you see it at the IMAX too! The best picture and sound!

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  • stillnakedbullwinkle

    Oh, you need your own signature movie rating system Lisa! Maybe, four out of five Berts? Or, four out of five something that you fancy but why not start your own personalized rating sytem and replace the stars with either movie popcorn similiar in shape to the award Mtv gives out for the videos. Or, maybe use your current avatar picture and say four out of five lisas? Or, maybe thumbs up sign that youtube uses and have four out of five thumbs up? If you can incorporate a graphic design that would be cool but you will have to pick what image you fancy or just go with the stars. Just a suggestion and that is why we are here. To make your life easier and your job is too keep the juices in my brain flowing and keeping a smile on my face :):):)

  • stillnakedbullwinkle

    You have written a wonderful movie review, Lisa! I want to see this movie and an IMAX theatre just opened here in Anchorage and I saw Eclipse last week but some of the scenes were difficult to watch. Depending on how the movie is edited, it was difficult to see some of the fast paced action scenes in the IMAX theatre. I want to see Inception but was hesitant to see it in IMAX but I will cough up the $17 and give it a try. Most of the time I will wait for the movie to be released on Blueray and watch it at home. There are occassions when you want to see a movie on the silver screen and I a sold on the idea of seeing Inception at my IMAX theatre.

    I was shocked to hear that Leonardo is 35 years old! He was 21 years old in Titantic and what flop that movie was for his career? ;) Anyway, please keep writing these wonderful reviews and I will put my kayak away on the rainy days and go back to the theatre. Thanks to review, I will be paying $10 for popcorn and soda! :O Just kidding! What is a movie without popcorn anway? I hope someone will follow my comment and say what is their favorite candy or food to watch at the movies? I would love to hear what your favorite sweet treat is Lisa? Don’t be shy ;)