Rihanna is not only recycling Beyonce’s dance moves, but she’ mimicking Beyonce’s entire animalistic theme from a few years ago- plus an obvious splice of Illuminati worship.Rihanna, who always seems drugged up and horny ALL of the time, really knocks out those specific characteristics in this new music video entitled “Where Have You Been”.

She’s like a voodoo, reptilian crocodile huntress, searching for a dirty man to devour.


**Spoiler Alert!**
Rihanna dances with a group of tribesmen in the beginning of the video, all done in front of an ancient pyramid, with Rihanna flashing one of her eyes, praising the Egyptian god Horus or ‘eye of Ra‘.Then, Rihanna dances with tribeswomen, wearing a shirt with a voodoo-looking skull, in a stone and straw hut, grinding on animal skins.At one point, her dancers form an ‘eye’ shape with their arms, as Rihanna is the ‘eyeball’. Mimicking the ‘eye of Horus’ or ‘eye of Ra’, which is said to be an Illuminati worship symbol. This is all done in front of two animal skulls hanging on the wall in the background.At this point the video is unbearable to watch, with the jolting shots and edits to hypnotize the viewer. Rihanna does another dance sequence with the tribeswomen, as their dance is purely aimed at their ‘lower region’. Rihanna is touching herself, and basically pointing down below.
Rihanna moves her arms to mimic the ancient idol ‘Shiva‘, who Wikipedia says is a ‘major Hindu deity, and is the Destroyer or transformer among the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the primary aspects of the divine. Shiva is a yogi who has notice of everything that happens in the world and is the main aspect of life’.At the end of the video, Rihanna is back where she started, looking to devour a man in the swampy water. She sinks under with a group of men, leaving us thinking she gave her body to the men.