WATCH: Golfers Encounter MASSIVE SNAKE While Hitting The Links In South Africa

ESPN: A pair of golfers at the Zimbali Golf Course in South Africa remained surprisingly calm as a massive snake made its way across the fairway during their recent round.

The African rock python moves slowly toward a sand trap at the eighth hole before one of the golfers decides to touch the rear tip of its body. Immediately, the scaly brown reptile recoils and slithers hastily down a slope away from the men.

Luckily for them, this unexpected visitor to the golf course is non-venomous and very rarely kills humans. Keyword, “rarely.”

SSSeriously? Portland Woman Visits ER After SNAKE Gets STUCK In Her EAR!

Ashley Glawe, a Portland, Or., woman visited a local emergency room over what has to be the weirdest reason ever! Glawe, who called the slithering situation “BY FAR one of my #CRAZIEST life moments,” somehow managed to get a python snake stuck in her ear.. HER EAR!

Glawe posted a photo documenting the freaky accident on Facebook after her pet python decided to crawl through an gauged hole in her earlobe. Can you hear me now?

Glawe wrote that the incident was “by far one of my craziest life moments,” and told commenters that she was just fine after the hospital visit. “BY FAR one of my #CRAZIEST life moments! Went to the #EmergencyRoom because my #BallPython #Python #Snake decided to get #STUCK in my #Gauged earlobe! (1-23-17) #SillySnake #GaugedEars #Gauges #SnakeLover #SnakesLikeGaugedEars #WhatTheFuck #NeverHeardOf #NeverThoughtOf #WOW #OMG #GottaLoveHim #iLOVEhim” Continue reading


The Discovery Channel‘s controversial “Eaten Alive” TV show was supposed to show a man being eaten alive by a wild snake, there were just two little problems, the host wasn’t eaten alive and the snake was not from the wild, in other words, it was all a sham.

It has been revealed that the snake used on TV was not a wild snake a touted, it was shipped in from a wrangler.

Discovery Channel controversial Eaten Alive 5

If you missed it, naturalist Paul Rosolie said he was planning to be eaten alive by a 25-foot anaconda, but the stunt failed to live up to the hype since he never entered the snake’s belly. Continue reading


A Singapore woman discovered the hard way that snakes can be a real pain in the butt especially when said snakes are residing in your toilet bowl.

Noraslinda Asat snake toilet

Noraslinda Asat, 34, was in using the bathroom at her home when suddenly she felt a sharp pain to her buttock.

When she stood – she saw that a 6 foot long python was locked jawed to her bum.

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Aussie Soccer Player Dies After Being Bitten By Deadly Snake

Forget snakes on a plane, now we got snakes on the hockey field! An Aussie hockey player was removing a snake when the reptile chomped on his hand! But the player didn’t figure the bite would amount to much so he WENT FOR A RUN!


Australia — A field hockey player has died after he was bitten by a venomous king brown snake in Australia’s tropical Northern Territory and then went for a run.

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IDIOT of the Day: Woman Burns Down Her House Trying to Kill Snake!

So this lady in Texas totally freaked out because she found a snake in her backyard. She thought it would be a good idea to douse the crap out of the snake with gasoline and then light it on fire. The perfect and smartest way to exterminate a snake.  Bowie County Sheriff’s Deputy Randall Baggett explains what happened next. “The snake went into the brush pile and the brush pile caught the home on fire.” And then the house burned down. The fire even spread to her neighbor.


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Year Of The ‘Snake’ Officially Begins 新年快乐 (What To Expect)

Happy new year everyone! What? You think I’m a little late? Not if I’m honoring Chinese New Year, the year of the snake! And it’s not a mean or a bad snake! It’s an awesome all giving snake that slithers happiness and good luck into all our lives at least until next year and hopefully beyond!


The Snake is the sixth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, which consists of 12 Animal Signs. It is the enigmatic, intuitive, introspective, refined and collected of the Animals Signs. Ancient Chinese wisdom says a Snake in the house is a good omen because it means that your family will not starve.

Florida Man Soils Himself After SNAKE Pops Out Of Car Dashboard

A man driving along Tennessee’s I-40 got a scary surprise Tuesday when a snake popped its head out of his air conditioner vent.

Driver Jim Tipton immediately pulled over to the side of the road to call for assistance.

Animal control located the snake inside his dashboard, but could not remove it.

The officer on the scene said he has seen this before, but not while working as a state trooper.

“Six years on the highway patrol, this is the first one. But as a sheriff’s deputy, I dealt with this quite a bit, but yes this is the first snake call in a vehicle I’ve answered as a trooper,” said THP Trooper John Carr.

Because the snake could not be removed on the scene, Tipton asked for his car to be towed away to a safer location where they could take the dashboard apart and remove the snake.

The tiny corn snake was later found dead inside the car.