Julianne Hough Takes Responsibility For Childhood Abuse

The beautiful and talented Julianne Hough, a former dancer on the hit TV show “Dancing With The Stars” turned actress, reveals her ugly and traumatic past in a new interview.

Julianne Hough Cover of Cosmo Mag Jan. 2013

Hough opened up her dark childhood memories of show business to Cosmopolitan Magazine, telling the mag that she was abused “mentally, physically, everything” when she was just 10-years-old.

When Hough’s parents got a divorce when she was 10, she wanted to take dancing to a new level. Julianne said she went overseas to London, England to study dance near her older brother Derek Hough, who just wrapped up the last season of DWTS, as he was studying dance at Italia Conti Academy of the Arts.
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2 Disney Disasters To Be Judges On Same Show

What a perfect fit Simon Cowell! You got Britney Spears, former Disney Mickey Mouse Club turned Mind-Control Breakdown Bipolar-Britney to be a new judge on X-Factor. Now, Demi Lovato, the former Disney child star turned eating disorder wrist slasher-slash Popstar, is said to be closing in on a deal to judge the show as well, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Two pill-dependent puppets who have been handled their whole life, and who have both been in rehab before 30, are going to be the judges of talent on X-Factor. Will Doctors be on hand waiting on the sidelines? Continue reading

Rihanna: Pyramid, Animal Skins, One Eye – ‘Where Have You Been’ Video

Rihanna is not only recycling Beyonce’s dance moves, but she’ mimicking Beyonce’s entire animalistic theme from a few years ago- plus an obvious splice of Illuminati worship.Rihanna, who always seems drugged up and horny ALL of the time, really knocks out those specific characteristics in this new music video entitled “Where Have You Been”.

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The List: Whitney Houston Death Conspiracy Theories

There is a now-large sector of people out there in the world, that truly believe that famous people who die suddenly like Whitney Houston, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger- and the list goes back all the way to Marilyn Monroe and even Elvis…have actually died for a ‘sacrifice’, or were even pushed over the edge on purpose.

Many famous people in history who have suffered drug related deaths, have a lot of mystery surrounding their ‘true cause of death’. There is a toxicology test done, along with an autopsy on a deceased body, but who’s to say that those records aren’t altered for the public? Maybe famous deaths are sometimes in fact ‘sacrifices’ for something ‘bigger’, or these deaths that seem like ‘drug overdoses’, are actually murders?

After seeing so many stars die suddenly and in a strange way, you have to wonder- WHY?!
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Video: Britney Spears’ New ‘Manly’ Voice Raises Questions

When did Britney Spears’ voice become so deep? Every single interview that I’ve seen of Britney since she was 16, her voice has always been very chirpy, cheery, upbeat and just very ‘girly’ in general.

After watching this new MTV trailer (below) promoting Britney’s new album, I am just stunned to hear this ‘new’ voice of Britney’s. It’s not girly and it’s not British- it’s manly.

Another star who has changed her voice, is Paris Hilton. For years, Hilton has always spoken in a very girly tone in interviews, until late 2010, when she released that documentary about herself, and her voice was suddenly manly too! What’s up with that?!
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