on March 31, 2011

Donald Trump Gets “Lukewarm” Youtube Reception

Donald Trump is no Charlie Sheen when it comes to rallying sheer numbers of folks on the internet.

Sheen’s internet assault garnered him over a million Twitter followers in a single day but Trump is struggling with his planned domination of the web, gaining only meager numbers of viewers.

Trump’s Youtube video series, “From the Desk of Trump” is basically a flop, gaining only a few thousand views per video. Part of Trump’s woes gaining supporters on Youtube may be the fact that he “disables commenting” on his videos. Disabling comments is generally viewed as “cowardly” on the popular video sharing website. Not allowing Youtubers to express themselves by commenting on videos equals a coffin nail when it comes to views.

Trump’s wake up call on Youtube is a social phenomenon which demonstrates that “you can lead a Youtuber to a video, but you can’t make them watch.”

on March 31, 2011

Tennis Star Hurls Ball At Crying Baby in Stands

David Ferrer, the Spanish tennis star was totally off his game and losing badly in his quarterfinal match against American Mardy Fish.

Durning one of the last points Ferrer looked in the direction of a baby who was crying in the stand and whacked the ball toward the infant.

The ball did not hit the child but Ferrer did receive a nice round of boos from the audience and equal admonishment from the announcers.

by Lisa Mason Lee
on March 30, 2011

Busted! Women Dissolved Drugs Into Coloring Books for Inmates

Cinderella on drugs

Two women have been caught for dissolving narcotics into a paste and then painting the drugs onto pages of Snow White and Cinderella themed coloring books, that were mailed to a trio of inmates in New Jersey.

This coloring book scandal had been going on for months, until officials at the Cape May County Correctional Center got a tip that the drug Suboxone was being sent into the lockup. Suboxone, which is orange in color, is usually prescribed to treat opiate addiction. (See the orangey substance on the Cinderella picture?)

When a mail room employee at the jail got word that Suboxone was being smuggled in, he then kept on the lookout for any mail with an orange tint. He soon found these suspicious coloring book pages containing an “orangey substance” that looked like “water color paint a child would use on an art project.” The coloring books were deceivingly sweet and innocent with childrens’ notes written on them, like- “To Daddy” and “Love Emma Lee”. The mail room employee then reported his findings, and sure enough, these once sweet and innocent coloring books from ‘inmates children’, all turned out to be sour and tainted, drug-coated deceptions.
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by Lisa Mason Lee
on March 29, 2011

Video: Britney Spears’ New ‘Manly’ Voice Raises Questions

When did Britney Spears’ voice become so deep? Every single interview that I’ve seen of Britney since she was 16, her voice has always been very chirpy, cheery, upbeat and just very ‘girly’ in general.

After watching this new MTV trailer (below) promoting Britney’s new album, I am just stunned to hear this ‘new’ voice of Britney’s. It’s not girly and it’s not British- it’s manly.

Another star who has changed her voice, is Paris Hilton. For years, Hilton has always spoken in a very girly tone in interviews, until late 2010, when she released that documentary about herself, and her voice was suddenly manly too! What’s up with that?!
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on March 26, 2011

How to get Retweeted – 7 Most Effective Ways

7 Ways To Get Retweeted

☆ Tweet topics that everyone enjoys.
☆ Try to provide a variety of Retweetable tweets.
☆ Be generous with your Retweets and in time you will be noticed.

People Trading Likes For Tweets Barder System

☆ Pay it forward when possible and recognize people who Retweet you frequently.
☆ Your Retweeters will love to frequent your page to find and share quality content.
☆ Try to find someone new each day to Retweet and expand your Retweet Twitter circle.
☆ If you want to get someone’s attention, repeatedly Retweeting different tweets of theirs at once will get you noticed.

When I saw @ThecounTNEWS smiling avatar on my reply page where she had retweeted five different tweets of mine in a row – in effect inviting me to visit her home page and Retweet her. I was happy to return the favor.
Thank you for your kind and generous Retweets.
I truly appreciate your support! ツ


on March 26, 2011

Twitter Tips: How to Get People To Follow You

The folks over at produced this video on how to get people to follow you on Twitter. It is definitely worth a look.

“Basically, Twitter is a micro blogging platform which lets you write short messages and share them with the world. The post updates must be less than 140 characters.

You can easily follow thousands of users listening in or entering into conversations conducted among multiple users at any point. You can use Twitter as a self-promotional and marketing tool by pushing out messages and capitalizing on the attention you are receiving from other users.

Indeed, Twitter might be very effective tool but it definitely involves an investment in time and attention. You have to be willing to participate in the community striving to get more and more twitter followers.

Rich Brooks, president of Flyte, gives some useful tips on how to build up your network by getting others to follow you. Watch the video and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!”

by Lisa Mason Lee
on March 26, 2011

Inside Britney’s Surprise Vegas Concert at Rain in The Palms

Britney Palms

Britney Spears and her team kept a tight lid on a big secret up until the last minute today- that Britney was going to hold a surprise concert at Rain Nightclub in The Palms Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

When the word got out, we found out that Britney wasn’t just having a concert at Rain, but she was also filming for a special MTV show that is going to be all about Britney and her new album Femme Fatale!

The concert started at 8pm Friday night, and DJ Pauly D, the exclusive Vegas resident DJ for the Palms, warmed up the crowd and kicked off the evening with his masterful beats and explosive sounds for club goers before Brit took the stage.
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on March 24, 2011

Video: Girl in Bikini Attacks Burger King Staff!

A 23 year-old, unemployed mother of 3, got violent after a Burger King drive-thru employee didn’t get her food order right…

ghettobikinigirl 150x200 Video: Girl in Bikini Attacks Burger King Staff!

This Panama City Beach Burger King on Front Beach Road, was trashed after Kimesia Smith from Montgomery Alabama, came into town not for Spring Break, but just to have a ‘nice’ day at the beach and also grab a burger for lunch.

According to the report, Smith was angry that her order was messed up at the drive-thru, so she parked her car, went inside BK, argued with the management, then threw punches and objects at the management.

Other people at the establishment then start joining in with Smith, and they throw around objects and napkins! The place was trashed, then Smith was arrested.

on March 24, 2011

Kids Busted For Selling Girl Scout Cookies on Front Lawn

Screen shot 2011 03 24 at 7.55.43 PM Kids Busted For Selling Girl Scout Cookies on Front Lawn

HAZELWOOD, Mo.- Citing the home occupancy code, authorities have shut down some kids that were selling Girl Scout Cookies from the lawn in front of their home.

“Based on this complaint, the city of Hazelwood had to take action,” said a city spokesman. Rubbing in the fact that it is against city code to sell products from home.

Turns out some grinch didn’t like the fact the kids were staying out of trouble by being enterprising and turned them into the fuzz.

Then when all seemed lost, a local Reverend swooped in to save the day by buying all the remaining cookies.

Cookie Case Closed.

on March 24, 2011

Charlie Sheen Requests ‘Public Trial’ for Warner Bros. Suit

When Charlie Sheen recently filed papers to sue Warner Bros. for $100 Mil, he also requested to get a ‘public trial’, not a ‘closed-door arbitration’.

Sheen said that the judge who will be overseeing the suit, is ‘tight’ with WB and has done business with them in the past. Sheen wants to make sure no naughty tricks are done behind closed doors to him!

Sheen is a smart cookie for pushing for the public trial! I think he’s right… and he likes the attention too.