Video: Britney Spears’ New ‘Manly’ Voice Raises Questions

Lisa Mason Lee - March 29, 2011

When did Britney Spears’ voice become so deep? Every single interview that I’ve seen of Britney since she was 16, her voice has always been very chirpy, cheery, upbeat and just very ‘girly’ in general.

After watching this new MTV trailer (below) promoting Britney’s new album, I am just stunned to hear this ‘new’ voice of Britney’s. It’s not girly and it’s not British- it’s manly.

Another star who has changed her voice, is Paris Hilton. For years, Hilton has always spoken in a very girly tone in interviews, until late 2010, when she released that documentary about herself, and her voice was suddenly manly too! What’s up with that?!


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You’ve gotta listen to Britney’s voice at :33 in this video. Do you hear a difference?

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  • Jason

    She was 16 back then and she’s nearly 30 now of course her voice would sound different now she’s not a kid anymore get over it.

  • BooFull