Donald Trump Gets “Lukewarm” Youtube Reception

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Donald Trump is no Charlie Sheen when it comes to rallying sheer numbers of folks on the internet.

Sheen’s internet assault garnered him over a million Twitter followers in a single day but Trump is struggling with his planned domination of the web, gaining only meager numbers of viewers.

Trump’s Youtube video series, “From the Desk of Trump” is basically a flop, gaining only a few thousand views per video. Part of Trump’s woes gaining supporters on Youtube may be the fact that he “disables commenting” on his videos. Disabling comments is generally viewed as “cowardly” on the popular video sharing website. Not allowing Youtubers to express themselves by commenting on videos equals a coffin nail when it comes to views.


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Trump’s wake up call on Youtube is a social phenomenon which demonstrates that “you can lead a Youtuber to a video, but you can’t make them watch.”

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