Cinderella on drugs
Two women have been caught for dissolving narcotics into a paste and then painting the drugs onto pages of Snow White and Cinderella themed coloring books, that were mailed to a trio of inmates in New Jersey.

This coloring book scandal had been going on for months, until officials at the Cape May County Correctional Center got a tip that the drug Suboxone was being sent into the lockup. Suboxone, which is orange in color, is usually prescribed to treat opiate addiction. (See the orangey substance on the Cinderella picture?)


When a mail room employee at the jail got word that Suboxone was being smuggled in, he then kept on the lookout for any mail with an orange tint. He soon found these suspicious coloring book pages containing an “orangey substance” that looked like “water color paint a child would use on an art project.” The coloring books were deceivingly sweet and innocent with childrens’ notes written on them, like- “To Daddy” and “Love Emma Lee”. The mail room employee then reported his findings, and sure enough, these once sweet and innocent coloring books from ‘inmates children’, all turned out to be sour and tainted, drug-coated deceptions.

The two women accused of mailing the pages into the prison, and the three inmates who accepted the books, have all been charged with felonies.

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