There is a now-large sector of people out there in the world, that truly believe that famous people who die suddenly like Whitney Houston, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger- and the list goes back all the way to Marilyn Monroe and even Elvis…have actually died for a ‘sacrifice’, or were even pushed over the edge on purpose.

Many famous people in history who have suffered drug related deaths, have a lot of mystery surrounding their ‘true cause of death’. There is a toxicology test done, along with an autopsy on a deceased body, but who’s to say that those records aren’t altered for the public? Maybe famous deaths are sometimes in fact ‘sacrifices’ for something ‘bigger’, or these deaths that seem like ‘drug overdoses’, are actually murders?


After seeing so many stars die suddenly and in a strange way, you have to wonder- WHY?!


There are a bunch of conspiracy theories out there on the Web, about ‘how Whitney really died’, and people believe that Whitney’s death wasn’t simply a drowning in a hotel bathtub.

“I need to thank Whitney Houston. I wanted to thank Whitney, because when I wrote ‘Born this Way,’ I imagined she was singing it – because I wasn’t secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar. So, Whitney, I imagined you were singing ‘Born This Way’ when I wrote it.” -Lady Gaga said, on the night of the Grammys in 2011. Gaga’s single Born This Way was released exactly one year ago on February 11, 2011- Houston died a year later on February 11, 2012.

Why was it the afternoon of Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party, that Whitney had to go? Why did she die in the same hotel where the pre-Grammy party was held? Why was Whitney’s body in this Beverly Hilton Hotel whilst the party continued on?! Why did she die before her big comeback that was planned?

Here are some death theories I found out there, that might get you really wondering- ‘Why did Whitney REALLY die?!’ I’m keeping everyone anonymous:

Ray J responsible?
1. “MY theory on Whitney’s death. Ray J was sent in a couple of weeks ago to rekindle a relationship with her. He is rumored to deal drugs to the stars. He got her hooked back on coke. A plate of some sort was found in her bathtub. I think when Whirtney passed Brandy that note during a live interview with Clive Davis and Monica it said something to the effect of “Have Ray J call me.” She needed more coke. He either watched her od or gave her bad stuff. He was the clean-up man to remove all evidence of illegal drugs and the coroner in the case has said there wasn’t enough water in her lungs to say she drowned. It was either a hit or a test to see if she would succumb to her old demons. When they saw she wouldn’t be able to pull off a come-back, they killed her. She was worth more dead than alive. They gave her the tools to destroy herself!”

Death for newcomers?
2. “I was thinking the same thing we don’t get truth anymore just a mist of lies. It’s sad because she has way more to live for especially her child. I kind of feel that they are killing off our icons to make room for the next age of destructive artist and new message for the youth. I was saying that Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, Dorthy Dandridge, MJ and Whitney all dies in the same state. Dead in a hotel room/ at home alone naked and on the floor when people found then. I think that Whitney was feeling the different treatment when the record labels was given her when they realized that they couln’t exploit her talent as they once did because she had ruined her voice through years of drug use/ Phillis Hymann died the same way and she was under Clive Davis and we and they did not get along. To me they also didn’t make sure that she had the help that she needed to be stable first before putting her back out there. I hope that you are resting Whitney like you needed to on earth and that you are surrounded with peace and God’s love.”

The Lady Gaga connection?
3. “and what’s so eerie is how that creepy doom music comes on right when lady gaga is remembering to thank whitney houston for her ‘inspiration’ during last year’s 2011 grammy’s for the single released one year counting down her death. i can’t tell you the spiritual warfare i experienced when watching lady gaga participate at the new year in new york dropping the ball… it’s a countdown alright… whether a year to the money, i don’t know, but i still think that day was unveiling the forerunner of the antichrist. choose Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior today! please don’t delay and don’t do it half-halfheartedly.”

Rehab is really ‘mind control’?
4. “I have heard that “rehab” is a code word for reprogramming. So when a singer or actor refuses to go to “rehab” they are rebelling and are then disposed of. This is certainly true for Amy Winehouse, and Lord only knows how many others….I don’t follow Tinsel Town or the music biz all that much any more, maybe other people here can think of a few more who refused “rehab” and ended up dead, supposedly by drug overdose or accident. I have also heard that the Iluminati murders their victims by way of their fear of dying, like in a plane crash, or all alone naked in a bathtub, etc. sickos.”

Is ‘evil’ responsible?
5. “Whitney was totally opposite fo the dark world which is promoted by the elite today…Whitney was solar, simple, full of energy and her songs made people happy, full of joy and hope. It is totally against the disgusting, ugly music of evil which kills the souls of masses by dark, lifeless and ugly products…the song “i wanna dance with somebody” is one of the best which may serve as antidepressant for anybody. When you listen to it you get a wish to live and be happy, you just jump out from your place to dance, you rebel against the dark emotions…this was Whitney Houston….rest in peace, God punish those who ruined her…
i think her death was prepared in details previously, as they do it with all the victims. So the artciles on famous newspapers describing her as out of control, depressed and so on…are the false reasons prepared for the masses. This way the people will think “oh, poor, she also was addicted to drugs and depressed, must be suicide or overdose”…the so called “freinds” appearing in last pics around her with false desolated faces are also serving the handlers to prepare the trap for the victim…they took her to that bars on propose and probabyly even made her drunk on propose in order to create a false story of her death reasons later…Whitney was out of depression, last year i saw her on scene, very ok, singing and having new plans…she was like getting back from the hell, resorted and revived…the pics that we see on newspapers these days are totally different that what was Whtiney. It all was prepared smartly in all details as usual…”

Worth more dead than alive like MJ?
6. “Also,she is definitely worth more dead than alive as sales of her songs sky rocket not just because she is dead but because its “st valentines” remembrance. What better period to kill her. Mj went through the same process as they squeezed out the most money they could make from his death with the ticket sales and the movie. “this is it”. Oh well, the Illuminati are getting sloppy but then again, the masses are getting dumber.Why not flaunt it?”

Sacrifice or ritual?
7. “I just saw a headline that read, “Whitney tribute at Grammys”. It seems her death could cause a lot of people to watch the Grammys who may not have otherwise. And therefore be influenced by whatever garbage they display on the show.” (THIS COMMENT HAD ALMOST 300 LIKES- MORE THAN ANY OTHER COMMENT!)

So, do you think Whitney died simply from falling asleep in the hotel bathtub? Or was there more than meets the eye? Take our poll!

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