MAKEOVER: Couple Arrested Over Philip Hoffman CLEANED UP By Lawyers..

This is Max Rosenblum, the man arrested in a police sweep over the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, appearing in court with his girlfriend..

Max Rosenblum hoffman-1

Rosenblum chopped his hair off, while Juliana Luchkiw, (the girlfriend,) wore a professional-looking business suit Tuesday for their Manhattan Supreme Court arraignment on misdemeanor cocaine possession. Continue reading

Amy Winehouse Died Watching Herself On Youtube Reveals Final Inquest

I did not expect to be reporting on Amy Winehouse ever again but here I am doing just that. A formal inquest confirmed Amy Winehouse indeed died of alcohol poisoning alone in her bedroom, but revealed she was on her laptop watching videos of herself on Youtube, the court was told.

any winehouse youth

A second and final inquest into the cause of death of the 27-year-old singer revealed Youtube was a part of the sad scenario as she drank and reminisced.

The inquest also confirmed that Winehouse drink so much alcohol that night, she literally stopped breathing, driving her respiratory system into coma status.

A second inquest was ordered after it was determined the first hearing did not have the correct qualifications.

The List: Whitney Houston Death Conspiracy Theories

There is a now-large sector of people out there in the world, that truly believe that famous people who die suddenly like Whitney Houston, Brittany Murphy, Heath Ledger- and the list goes back all the way to Marilyn Monroe and even Elvis…have actually died for a ‘sacrifice’, or were even pushed over the edge on purpose.

Many famous people in history who have suffered drug related deaths, have a lot of mystery surrounding their ‘true cause of death’. There is a toxicology test done, along with an autopsy on a deceased body, but who’s to say that those records aren’t altered for the public? Maybe famous deaths are sometimes in fact ‘sacrifices’ for something ‘bigger’, or these deaths that seem like ‘drug overdoses’, are actually murders?

After seeing so many stars die suddenly and in a strange way, you have to wonder- WHY?!
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A&E Moves Forward with Jackson Brothers Reality Show

Sources say that A&E is moving ahead with a reality TV show revolving around the remaining Jackson Brothers. The show was conceived before Michael Jackson passed away, although he wasn’t planning on being a part of the show. However, the series will now have to deal with the death of Michael. In fact, the show will probably be about the recent loss.

It’s not known which brothers are involved or when it’ll be filmed/aired. We hear talk that the footage shot before Michael’s death will be shown on A&E rather soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. Again, don’t know if that will be a special or a pilot or what. A&E is refusing to comment on any of the speculation but I’d expect to hear some official announcements soon.

Amy Winehouse Comeback Halted By Rain High Winds Falling Rigging

It was to be Amy’s first time on stage this year but the gods would not have it.   Suddenly the St. Lucia   rain pelted the stage, then the high winds kicked up and tossed heavy lighting rigs around like matchsticks and directly in to the sound system.   Amy was on stage frightened, looking like it was judgment day, and that’s when concert officials stepped in and ended the madness, canceling the rest of the concert.

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