3-Time Grammy Winner Shock Claim: Beyonce “Practicing Witch” Who Regularly “Cast Spells On Bandmates” “Killed Cat”

ATL, GA. (THECOUNT) — Beyonce‘s former drummer, Kimberly Thompson, has accused the singer of casting spells on her that resulted in the death of her cat.

The somewhat outlandish claims were made by the drummer, a three-time Grammy award winner, who claims Ms. Jay Z may have practiced witchcraft on her and even killed her cat.

Based on court records and information obtained by The Blast, the professional musician and educator stated that the “Formation” singer allegedly harassed her with extreme witchcraft, tapped her phone and controlled her money. Thompson reported these allegations as part of a request to be granted a restraining order against Ms.Carter. She also claims that Beyonce placed “magical spells of sexual molestation”. Yikes! Continue reading

Madonna Album TANKS After Kneejerk Release

Last week Madonna released six of her unfinished tracks to iTunes, in an effort to circumvent demos of her upcoming album that were leaked on the net.

Madge released 6 tracks off “Rebel Heart,” for her album due out in March. At first the tracks charted but cut and fade to today, a mere 5 days later, all of the songs have fallen faster than a led zeppelin.

madonna spring cleaning

Five of the six songs have vanished from iTunes. Only one, “Bitch I’m Madonna,” featuring Nicki Minaj, remains at a lowly number 188. Continue reading

Russell Brand: ‘I Know How Philip Seymour Hoffman REALLY DIED’


Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death was not on the bill.

If it’d been the sacrifice of Miley Cyrus or Justin Bieber, that we are invited to anticipate daily, we could delight in the Faustian justice of the righteous dispatch of a fast-living, sequin-spattered denizen of eMpTyV. We are tacitly instructed to await their demise with necrophilic sanctimony. When the end comes, they screech on Fox and TMZ, it will be deserved. The Mail provokes indignation, luridly baiting us with the sidebar that scrolls from the headline down to hell. Continue reading

Kanye West: Bought Sold Repackaged..

I think Kanye West is loosening up his, “I’m better than that,” vibe.. The artist just performed for a wedding for a measly few million dollars, $3MIL to be somewhat exact.. Degrading.. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’d perform on a tightwire this side of hell’s gates to get your grubbies on a million, but, you’re not Kanye West. Elite types have to answer to a higher authority, by the name of the Illuminati, and if they say, “go play the wedding,” you go play the wedding, or do the fire walk in hell, take your pick..

qbq0Llj (1) Continue reading