ATL, GA. (THECOUNT) — Beyonce‘s former drummer, Kimberly Thompson, has accused the singer of casting spells on her that resulted in the death of her cat.

The somewhat outlandish claims were made by the drummer, a three-time Grammy award winner, who claims Ms. Jay Z may have practiced witchcraft on her and even killed her cat.


Based on court records and information obtained by The Blast, the professional musician and educator stated that the “Formation” singer allegedly harassed her with extreme witchcraft, tapped her phone and controlled her money. Thompson reported these allegations as part of a request to be granted a restraining order against Ms.Carter. She also claims that Beyonce placed “magical spells of sexual molestation”. Yikes! source

The restraining order was denied by the judge. Not sure why but it may be because the judge did not see how the “XO” singer would have the time especially due to her very hectic schedule, says BET.

Thompson boasts quite an impressive resume as a musical artist. She was a member of the Suga Mama band, the all-girl arrangement created by Beyonce. She is also a three-time Grammy award winner and the original house drummer for “Late Night With Seth Meyers”.

It is unclear if Beyonce practices dark magic or if what Thompson says is true But the power couple has long been associated with the legendary Illuminati.