Last week Madonna released six of her unfinished tracks to iTunes, in an effort to circumvent demos of her upcoming album that were leaked on the net.

Madge released 6 tracks off “Rebel Heart,” for her album due out in March. At first the tracks charted but cut and fade to today, a mere 5 days later, all of the songs have fallen faster than a led zeppelin.


madonna spring cleaning

Five of the six songs have vanished from iTunes. Only one, “Bitch I’m Madonna,” featuring Nicki Minaj, remains at a lowly number 188. The album “Rebel Heart,” which lists seven songs. showbiz411

This situation with “Rebel Heart” has been a real calamity. The leaked tracks, if Madonna’s reps didn’t leak them, should have been ignored. Most of her fans wouldn’t have known how to find them anyway. Rushing them out as official releases, nearly a third of the new album, seems to have backfired. Radio didn’t pick anything up, and core fans mostly snubbed the tracks after Madonna admonished them in an Instagram video.