Corey Feldman MOCKED On Social Media Over “Corey’s Angels” Today Show Performance

Corey Feldman appeared on the Today Show to debut a new song called “Go 4 It” Friday, but many on social media wish he hadn’t “gone for it.”

Feldman, 45, backed by his all-female halo sporting “Corey’s Angels,” met with ridicule over what some say was a wonkey and ill-advised performance.


Feldman, who has been out of the spotlight for some time, became well-known during the 1980s, with roles as a in films such as The Fox and the Hound, Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, The Goonies.

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Is Comedian Jon Lovitz Really Engaged To THIS 90210 Star?

Are Jon Lovitz and Jessica Lowndes really engaged to be married? That seems to be the question a lot of folks on social media are asking after the unlikely new couple posted a curious series of snaps.

Lowndes posted the photos to her Instagram, and by the looks of it, Lovitz has landed his dream girl, or has he?

are Jessica Lowndes Jon Lovitz engaged

Are the 90210 actress and her new fiancee, really just pulling a fast one on us? or is Lovitz the luckiest man alive? You be the judge. Continue reading

Madonna Album TANKS After Kneejerk Release

Last week Madonna released six of her unfinished tracks to iTunes, in an effort to circumvent demos of her upcoming album that were leaked on the net.

Madge released 6 tracks off “Rebel Heart,” for her album due out in March. At first the tracks charted but cut and fade to today, a mere 5 days later, all of the songs have fallen faster than a led zeppelin.

madonna spring cleaning

Five of the six songs have vanished from iTunes. Only one, “Bitch I’m Madonna,” featuring Nicki Minaj, remains at a lowly number 188. Continue reading

Charlie Rose Asked Tim Cook Why Apple Bought Beats, And His Answer Might Surprise You

Apple core, Tim Cook speaking to Charlie Rose on why he made the decision to buy Beats.

In the clip, Cook says he was sold on the deal, not soleing on selling the popular headphone, but more so because of their profitable subscription music service. Recurring billing ya’ll!


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NEW ‘Better’ Justin Bieber Rockets To NUMBER 1 On iTunes

Troye Sivan is likely a name you’ve never heard of before, but that’s all about to change as the singer is set to become as much of a household name as his contemporary, Justin Bieber.

He’s already a huge star on YouTube among 12-15-year-olds, and that demo is helping his new song to go number 1 on the iTunes album chart.

Troye Sivan

Sivan could be the next Justin Bieber. Let’s just pray he’s not, in so many ways. He has a hit song called “The Fault in Our Stars.” He wrote, produced and released it in 2013, inspired by John Green’s novel. Continue reading

Young Singer On iTunes Charts After Glenn Beck Discovers Her At Local Graduation

Abby Anderson is the 17-year-old who recently left Glenn Beck in awe at a local graduation ceremony by singing her own version of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee.’”

The song, which she calls “Let Freedom Ring,” is the best version of the song he has ever heard, said Beck.

Abby-Anderson glenn beck

“I wanted to say it was — it’s definitely my heavenly father,” Anderson said on Glenn Beck’s radio program Friday, giving all the credit to God. “As I was playing, it was almost as if I moved my hands, but it’s like God was moving them.”

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Michael Jackson Estate Invites Talent Show Ginger To LAS VEGAS!

Brett Nichols, the kid who won his local school talent show with a dance of MJ’s Billie Jean, has been invited to Las Vegas for a show!

Brett Nichols

A rep for the Jackson estate told TMZ that the executors saw Nichols’ performance and were so blown away they put together a care package and sent it to Nichols.

The rep says they sent Nichols two CDs (no iTunes cards?) and an invitation for Brett and his family (mom, dad and sister) to all attend a performance of Michael Jackson ONE in Las Vegas.

They contacted Nichols’ principal, who in turn told Nichols and his family this afternoon … who were predictably beyond excited. source

No word on whether or not the MJ estate also invited the happy hands club..

Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty Music Video Panned By Fans

Avril Lavigne starring in her latest music video which is called Hello Kitty.. With such a benign song title you might think there surely must be an easter egg inside, there is, and it’s rotten.


Watch the video below..

Fans not so pleased..

Seriously, what happened to Avril Lavigne? I grew up listening to her stuff & now 10 years on she’s making s**t like this?

This is not the avril lavigne style i like… :/

What on earth did I just listen and watch! Think I’ll go back to watching Fail Army, how I ended up here I don’t know. The old Avril was better!

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Bruno Mars Falls Ill During Australian leg of Tour Show Canceled

Bruno Mars has fallen ill during his Australian leg of his “Moonshine Jungle” tour and as a result, his Brisbane show has been canceled.bruno mars

According to, the sold-out show at the Brisbane Entertainment Center has been canceled, but fear not! The show has been rescheduled for March 13. Promoter Live Nation reportedly made the announcement on Thursday.

The Herald Sun reported that a spokeswoman for the promoter said that she did not know what illness struck Bruno Mars, but that the rest of his tour would go on as planned. The tour reportedly will start up again with a show in Sydney on Saturday.

Bruno Mars has been a constant presence in entertainment news since making his way back onto the Billboard 200 chart following his performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, the singer’s first album, Unorthodox Jukebox, sold between 70,000 and 80,000 copies in the seven days following the Super Bowl. “Doo-Wops & Hooligans also jumped several notches on the Billboard 200, selling an estimate 16,000 copies in the span of seven days.”
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