AWKWARD: Avril Lavigne $400 Meet And Greet ‘DON’T LOOK AT OR TOUCH HER’

Avril Lavigne‘s bodyguards instruct fans that have ponied up $400 to get their picture taken with the Hello Kitty singer, not to look at, touch or hug her. In other words: Hand over the $400 and get lost.

In the words of Sting, “Don’t stand, don’t stand so, don’t stand so close to me.”

Avril Lavigne $400 Meet And Greet 2

Not surprisingly, these photos of Lavigne and her fans have become something of a viral sensation. The images are getting passed around all over Twitter, which is sure to bring Avril even more negative press. In fact, people are already condemning the singer for putting together such an awkward meet and greet session.

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Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty Music Video Panned By Fans

Avril Lavigne starring in her latest music video which is called Hello Kitty.. With such a benign song title you might think there surely must be an easter egg inside, there is, and it’s rotten.


Watch the video below..

Fans not so pleased..

Seriously, what happened to Avril Lavigne? I grew up listening to her stuff & now 10 years on she’s making s**t like this?

This is not the avril lavigne style i like… :/

What on earth did I just listen and watch! Think I’ll go back to watching Fail Army, how I ended up here I don’t know. The old Avril was better!

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