Jay Z’s ‘Illuminating’ Ring (Photos)

Jay-Z showed up to the Grammys wearing a gigantic, gaudy ring. Some people are speculating that this ring is proof that he is in the Illuminati! Apparently, this ring looks very similar to the rings worn by the secret society back in the days.


Jay Z must have wanted to get people talking. With ALL the rumors that he is a CARD CARRYING member of the ILLUMINATI, Jigga showed up to the Grammy’s wearing a LARGE jewel encrusted ring – which looks like the ANCIENT rings worn by members of SECRET SOCIETIES.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 6.50.52 PM


Illuminati Chief Orders Press: Free Pass For Beyoncé Flubs Amid Huge Power Grab

Illuminati Chiefs send out orders on Beyoncé power grab outage at the Super Bowl Superdome!

I have it on excellent authority (my illuminati buff cousin Jimmy) that the illuminati brass, though admitting their latest star sacrifice, Beyoncé, may have embarrassed the clan, she shall still be given a free pass from the press, which my cousin says is also under illuminati control.

super bowl power out

“When she flashed that a illuminati symbol, it was like a sacrificial offering, basically guaranteeing her success even if she were to fall right on her face” says Jimmy, “the major press is then instructed to ignore the flub in the same way they ignored people’s cry of boycott Beyonce from Half Time”

beyonce power grab
So I guess the lesson here is either totally go for it and become an illuminati slave or just make a decision to not even buy into to all that noise. I’m just striving for happiness in the moment, I know when to stop pouring, it’s before the cup overflows.

Beyonce Illuminati Tribute Caught On Super Bowl Instant Replay (photo)

This is the Beyonce picture from her Super Bowl Halftime show that has got the whole internet whispering! You don’t want to say it too loud, it’s a cult after-all!


Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance pretty much broke Twitter and the lights at the Superdome, but more importantly, it may have revealed her involvement in a powerful secret society. As far as the internet is concerned, the star flashed an unmistakable symbol during her sexy half-time show. source

Big Bilderberg Meetup Wrinkles Foreheads

About 150 of the world’s so-called ‘elite’ are meeting just outside Washington in Chantilly, Virginia starting today.

It is said that some of these ‘Bilderberg’ members are also members of the controversial group ‘The Illuminati’ or the “New World Order”. Although the list of members is supposed to be top secret, there are apparently some lists floating around out here on the Web.
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Marilyn Monroe New Clues Make Case For Possible Murder

This mystery, like the participants, will not die. Marilyn Monroe’s death still remains in question but a new recounting of her last night may hold some answers.

Did the Kennedy family have something to do with Monroe’s death? New allegations about Monroe’s final days could help fill in the blanks.

Monroe apparently stayed at Frank Sinatra’s lodge, Cal Neva, the night before she was found dead. Back in the day Cal Neva was a major getaway for hollywood elite.

Bungalow 3 is where Monroe often stayed. The infamous Lake Tahoe area lair of the rich and famous came complete with underground tunnels between rooms that would allow passage from cabin to cabin virtually undetected.

Monroe made a well publicized trip to Cal Neva five days before her death, but according to Monroe’s hairstylist she was also there the night before she died.

Frank Sinatra and mob boss Sam Giancana flew the bombshell actress to the water-front hotel on Frank’s infamous private jet. Frank’s mission was to persuade Monroe, one last time, not to go public with details about her affairs with JFK and Bobby Kennedy, both of them good friends of his. But sadly something must have gone wrong because that morning she was found dead – in Brentwood.

Monroe was discovered in her bed by her physician, face down and braless. Marilyn was known to always wear a bra.

The coroner ruled Monroe’s death “probable suicide” even though there were enough drugs in her to kill about three people and absolutely nothing in her stomach.

To round out the conspiracy, Bobby Kennedy reportedly visited Monroe hours before she died. The housekeeper, Mrs. Murray, was ordered out of the house by Bobby.

Police reports including FBI files and other evidence on Monroe were lost, destroyed or blacked out. Her diary was missing from beside her bed.