Illuminati Chief Orders Press: Free Pass For Beyoncé Flubs Amid Huge Power Grab

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Illuminati Chiefs send out orders on Beyoncé power grab outage at the Super Bowl Superdome!

I have it on excellent authority (my illuminati buff cousin Jimmy) that the illuminati brass, though admitting their latest star sacrifice, Beyoncé, may have embarrassed the clan, she shall still be given a free pass from the press, which my cousin says is also under illuminati control.

super bowl power out


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“When she flashed that a illuminati symbol, it was like a sacrificial offering, basically guaranteeing her success even if she were to fall right on her face” says Jimmy, “the major press is then instructed to ignore the flub in the same way they ignored people’s cry of boycott Beyonce from Half Time”

beyonce power grab
So I guess the lesson here is either totally go for it and become an illuminati slave or just make a decision to not even buy into to all that noise. I’m just striving for happiness in the moment, I know when to stop pouring, it’s before the cup overflows.

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