Dame Dash LOSES CUSTODY Of Kids After Failing To Show Up At Hearing

Dame Dash‘s ex-wife Rachel Roy, just won full custody of their two children, Ava, 15, and Tallulah, 6. Roy also won a three-year restraining order against the former rap mogul.

Dash, whose real name is Damon Dash, did not attend the hearing. Court documents show he also petitioned the judge for full custody.

Damon Dash Rachel Roy 2

Roy just got sole legal and physical custody of 15-year-old Ava and 6-year-old Tallulah. Continue reading

Dame Dash On Power 105 Breakfast Club: Jay Z Is SO 15 Years Ago

Dame Dash appeared this morning on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club show for an interview on a plethora of topics, one being his current non-existent relationship with Jay Z.

Dame made it crystal clear that he did not want to discus Jay Z during the interview, but that didn’t stop the jocks from trying to go there.

Music Mogul Damon Dash Out and About

“I just don’t want to talk about those days, it was 15 years ago,” Dame said. Dame said that he couldn’t do business with Jay because of rumors that he’s friends with informants. Continue reading

Jay Z Rap Mogul Partner ALMOST HOMELESS Burned Through $50MIL Fortune

In a fall from grace that can only be compared to MC Hammer, hip-hop mogul Damon Dash, a past solider and stedfast partner of the current reinging rap mogul, Jay Z, is reportedly BUSTED BROKE! Court documents made public illustrate the fallen mogul’s imminent eviction from his mansion in suburban Carmel, N.Y. Dude don’t have a pot to Pi** in!


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Jay Z’s ‘Illuminating’ Ring (Photos)

Jay-Z showed up to the Grammys wearing a gigantic, gaudy ring. Some people are speculating that this ring is proof that he is in the Illuminati! Apparently, this ring looks very similar to the rings worn by the secret society back in the days.


Jay Z must have wanted to get people talking. With ALL the rumors that he is a CARD CARRYING member of the ILLUMINATI, Jigga showed up to the Grammy’s wearing a LARGE jewel encrusted ring – which looks like the ANCIENT rings worn by members of SECRET SOCIETIES.

Screen shot 2013-02-11 at 6.50.52 PM


Illuminati Chief Orders Press: Free Pass For Beyoncé Flubs Amid Huge Power Grab

Illuminati Chiefs send out orders on Beyoncé power grab outage at the Super Bowl Superdome!

I have it on excellent authority (my illuminati buff cousin Jimmy) that the illuminati brass, though admitting their latest star sacrifice, Beyoncé, may have embarrassed the clan, she shall still be given a free pass from the press, which my cousin says is also under illuminati control.

super bowl power out

“When she flashed that a illuminati symbol, it was like a sacrificial offering, basically guaranteeing her success even if she were to fall right on her face” says Jimmy, “the major press is then instructed to ignore the flub in the same way they ignored people’s cry of boycott Beyonce from Half Time”

beyonce power grab
So I guess the lesson here is either totally go for it and become an illuminati slave or just make a decision to not even buy into to all that noise. I’m just striving for happiness in the moment, I know when to stop pouring, it’s before the cup overflows.