Getaway, the new flick starring Ethan Hawke and ‘Come And Get It’ singer, Selena Gomez scored a putrid 1 percent recommend on popular movie critic website, Rotten Tomatoes.. Only ONE critic out of 72 CRITICS liked the part car chase part bank job movie.. IMDB scored the film at 3.8. which is very much, how you say, on the low side..



From watching the trailer I think the bad marks may be due to two things, #1, a horrible “russian bad guy” voiceover that plays throughout the movie over the car radio, and #2, Selena’s head looking WAY larger than life, especially when it is restricted to wearing a hoodie.. Honestly, if I saw that big singing noggin coming at me, I might just run the other way.. The same goes for you if you’re thinking about buying a ticket to this stinker.