Katie Couric 2012 “Matt Lauer’s Most Annoying Habit?” He’s A Butt Pincher

In 2012, journalist Katie Couric said in an interview that Matt Lauer’s most annoying habit is that he pinches her on the backside on the regular.

Couric, who co-hosted the “Today” show with Lauer for over a decade, made the comments a full five years before he would be abruptly fired from NBC for sexual harassment.

Couric did not mince her words when replying to “Watch What Happens Live” host, Andy Cohen‘s 2012 question, “over the 15 years, what was Matt’s most annoying habit?”

“Well,” Couric lemented, “he pinches me on the ass a lot?” Continue reading

Dr Phil Scores First Interview With TE’o Mastermind Ronaiah

I guess the days of Barbara Walters getting all the huge scoop interviews are over! Because it’s just been announced that Dr. Phil will be the first to interview the mastermind behind the Te’o faux girlfriend hoax.

Manti Teo

Dr. Phil just scored HUGE — TMZ has learned, he’s landed the first on-camera interview with the alleged mastermind behind the Manti Te’o girlfriend hoax … Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

Sources tell us, Phil and Ronaiah sat together for several hours yesterday in L.A., where they discussed Manti’s interview with Katie Couric … after watching the entire interview together.

According to sources, Phil’s interview with Ronaiah is “emotional and deep.” It’s expected to air some time next week.

Ronaiah has yet to address the public about his alleged involvement in the Manti hoax — even though Manti has already said Ronaiah privately confessed to concocting the whole thing.

TMZ broke the story … Ronaiah had intense feelings for Manti — feelings he channeled through the female persona of “Lennay Kekua” … Manti’s fake girlfriend.

Interesting … two female oriented daytime talk shows have snagged the key interviews in a football scandal. tmz

Beyonce Chosen by People Mag Staff as ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ 2012

People magazine has chosen singer/actress Beyonce, as 2012’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”.

Beyonce, 30, just had a baby girl in January, and her body seemed to bounce back exactly to the way it was before, making people speculate once again- ‘did she really have the baby herself, or did she use a surrogate Mother?!’… as people were already questioning this during her questionable pregnancy. This was Beyonce just one month after she had the baby: Continue reading

Lindsay Lohan Dieter?

applegate Lindsay Lohan Dieter?

The buzz has been circulating current onliners who’ve gotten a glimpse of this startling photo of cancer SURVIVOR, Christina Applegate, doing none other than smoking what most like to call, a cancer stick.

Applegate underwent a double mastectomy last year after doctors found an early form of breast cancer. I guess since she wasn’t diagnosed with lung cancer she assumes it’s still okay to smoke. Or, she wants to drop a few lbs for summer so she’s trying the Lindsay Lohan diet: Coffee (or Red Bull) and a cigg.