Piers Morgan On FINAL BOW Tonight: Tune In, I Have Something Important To Say

piers morgan sunrise

Piers Morgan Live posted this Instagram of an incredible NYC sunrise snapped out of one of the soon to be shuttered office windows. The post entitled “Brand New Day Dawns,” comes the same day the anchor prepares for his last CNN regular appearance.

The soon to be ex-CNN anchor fired off a slew of tweets, making sure to include one final dying jab at gun control, “I leave with no regrets, many great memories, and one heartfelt hope; that America sorts out its insane gun laws.”

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Piers Morgan Makeup Lady: I’m GLAD He Was Fired! He Was A Total..

Piers Morgan was ‘always such an a**hole to people working for him’ — especially the makeup girls. Turns out it was Morgan’s bad attitude that led to the show’s decline and eventual demise after showing ‘no respect’ to the people that worked with him, the people employed to make HIM look good, reports an insider.


Folks that worked for Morgan and CNN are syaing they are ‘glad’ he’s getting the axe. Staffers at “Piers Morgan Live” are actually ‘relieved’ that CNN has canceled the show. Continue reading

Piers Morgan OUSTED At CNN! Bringing Back Larry King?

CNN host Piers Morgan is stepping down three years after taking over for Larry King..PiersMorganDM_468x358

Morgan’s ratings for “Piers Morgan Live” recently hit new lows, drawing a fraction of viewers compared with competitors at Fox News and MSNBC, leaving many to wonder, did guns kill the host? And an even bigger question, will CNN bring back Larry King! Now that would be news worth watching!

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