People magazine has chosen singer/actress Beyonce, as 2012’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”.

Beyonce, 30, just had a baby girl in January, and her body seemed to bounce back exactly to the way it was before, making people speculate once again- ‘did she really have the baby herself, or did she use a surrogate Mother?!’… as people were already questioning this during her questionable pregnancy. This was Beyonce just one month after she had the baby: Beyonce never took any photos of her bare belly during her pregnancy, nor did she let anyone get too close to her at the time. A paranoid Beyonce shuttered, and basically slapped Katie Couric’s hand in an interview, when Couric went in for the belly touch. That was the awkward moment that really made us think that Beyonce was bluffing the baby. How do you get a body THIS great after having a baby?! You can’t bounce back that quick- just look at Hilary Duff Here’s one last photo of Beyonce, where she was caught using a stuffed baby like a “Moonbump“.

Maybe Beyonce should be named the “World’s Biggest Liar of 2012″… is that more fitting?


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