While Caitlyn Jenner is basking in the warm media glow, Kim Kardashian is enjoying some badly needed time away from the spotlight, that is until a certain major urban media outlet accused her of faking her pregnancy!

MTO is claiming the reality star is NOT pregnant and they say they have pictures to prove it! “She gotta be REALLY UPSET that CAITLYN revealed herself yesterday. Stole all her MEDIA ATTENTION . . . LOL. Kim wore a dress designed to MAKE her look pregnant,” said the gossip site.

Kim kardashian faking being Pregnant

Here’s what some commenters had to say about the pregnancy controversy: Continue reading

Beyonce Chosen by People Mag Staff as ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ 2012

People magazine has chosen singer/actress Beyonce, as 2012’s “World’s Most Beautiful Woman”.

Beyonce, 30, just had a baby girl in January, and her body seemed to bounce back exactly to the way it was before, making people speculate once again- ‘did she really have the baby herself, or did she use a surrogate Mother?!’… as people were already questioning this during her questionable pregnancy. This was Beyonce just one month after she had the baby: Continue reading